Feedback on John 20 from RLD


I think we all skip some of the steps in some weeks. But I think the

work we do in the time we have is useful.

Interesting theory about two resurrection traditions being woven


Excellent connection to Jesus calling his sheep by name.

I can definitely understand running everywhere and getting nowhere fast.

The example of the boy being hung seems a bit harsh, especially if you

are trying to comfort those who have had loved ones die recently.

Otherwise, the sermon is great, especially the last paragraph and the

two final lines.


In your description of the audience, you insightfully point out that

people will come to worship with many different intentions and

emotions. This is like Mary herself coming to the tomb. She comes out

of duty, to mourn, but she finds something very different in the

encounter with Jesus.

This theme develops well in your sermon.

I also appreciate your emphasis upon the private faith becoming

proclaimed and public. This is well supported by the words of Jesus to

"not hold onto" him. But what does he mean when he continues, saying,

"for I have not yet ascended to the Father"? Can we hold onto him then,

or does he intend some other meaning?