Feedback for John 11 from LRG


Cool title, and connection to the movie.

You have focused on the raising of Lazarus in its political implications

for Jesus--"From then on they considered how they might kill him". It is

a startling image: Jesus as a prisoner on death row. It makes me reflect

on the current waning of enthusiasm for the death penalty in light of

DNA and discoveries that not infrequently we may have executed the wrong

guy. You reference the raising of Lazarus as evidence of the hope in the

face of death. " takes death to find the meaning of love". Good



Excellent tie-in with neurological studies and the built-in healing

capacities of the brain. The ability to imagine a different kind of

world is an aspect of faith that we, like Martha, often do not consider.

You have captured the essence of Jesus' concern to give us a faith that

is here and now as well a comfort in a time of loss.