Feedback from MEYER

Evaluation of DPE's Work


During these past months I have clearly seen in David's preaching the results of his study for Dr. Alsup's preaching course. David was already a strong preacher, but in reading and hearing these recent sermons I have noticed in general a more mature engagement with the text. There have been more nuanced interpretations of meanings, more consciousness of alternate viewpoints for various characters in the biblical stories, more awareness of cultural elements, a number of enlightening word studies, and so forth.

Fortunately, David has been able to integrate these features with the style he has already developed, so what I am hearing now is the same David, but with more thoughtfulness and substance and a sharper focus on the truths in the text. There is more value in the same length of sermon. I expect that both the specific battery of techniques learned in the class and the considerable discipline it took to work through them each week while maintaining an already packed schedule will yield continuing results in David's preaching. I have been pleased on behalf of our church that David has made preaching one of the priorities of his D. Min. training.

Cindy Meyer