Feedback on Mt 17


The cloud and the voice from the cloud are reminiscent of Jesus baptism,

when the voice simply says, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well

pleased." The voice says almost the same words. Have you compared the


And why this time, say "Listen to him?" Why would we say this

to someone. Once my brother brought his new and very young wife to

visit. She was finally graduated from high school and not bright. As

we were talking, my brother said, with emphasis, "Listen to her. She

knows what she is talking about." Perhaps I had betrayed that I had

little respect for her knowledge and ability. Had the disciples?

This also reminds me of the appearance to the disciples in Matt 28:9

where the disciples again fall on their faces and Jesus tells them to

not be afraid and get up and go and tell his brothers to go to Galilee,

that he will see them there.

Also, Luke 24 when on the road to Emmaus they do not recognize him. How

has his appearance changed now?

Also, in John 20 when Mary Magdalene does not recognize him until he

says her name.

For OT readings I was glad that you referred to Moses' face shining

because he had been speaking with God. I think this text may be making

allusion to that, particularly since Moses was with him.

I like the reference you make as to the one who was raised from the dead

(will be raised in reference to this scripture) touches us and raises us

and says, "Do not fear."

It is interesting that Jesus wants no monument. Is this because it is

the message and not the place that is important?

Is it because he does not want to linger, but instead wants to return to

the world to do the work remaining to him?

This seems to be a foretelling of the resurrection, a foretaste, an

underlining of Jesus importance.

I know of no parallel in classical mythology, although there may be some.