Feedback on Deuteronomy 8 from DPE


I know this is a rough outline of the sermon but I want to know more about your experience in the wilderness. You said you made it. But how did you make it? What were the obstacles you faced? You mention frustration, fear, anxiety, and hunger. How did you experience these in the wilderness? What were the conditions that produced these emotions? It would also be helpful here I think to connect it to the experiences of people in your congregation. They've all had their own wilderness experiences learning to adjust in a strange culture. Could you say that coming from Korea to the United States is a wilderness experience is for many in your church? In the transitional sentence you use the word commemorate. I'm not sure that is the best word to use here. During Lent I think we are asked to do something much harder than commemorate a past event. That would be too easy for us and would require little for us. Another approach might be to call people to find God in the wilderness, or to call them into the wilderness to let God shape them.