February 7, 2002


dear colleagues: please keep a couple of things in mind in the days ahead...1) since i am trying to respond to emails via this "communications" part of our website i need some indication from the group as a whole that we are in fact all "in touch." CJM and i have made known a couple of prayer requests; do others have similar concerns? are there other matters to which you need to respond from what has been said among us to date...e.g. selection of same or different texts and the matter of working together by emphasis on certain steps etc? 2) our intent was to stay about three weeks ahead in sermon preparation. to date i have only gotten two Mt. 4 exegetical notes and one sermon on this text; it is next up after the Mt. 17 this coming Sunday. and i have only gotten feedback from two supplementary voices and do not even know if others in the group even have their two partners already picked out. 3) the dean's office and the library have asked me to remind you that we very much need you to return the evaluation forms you have received regarding our course. Please return as soon as you can. Thanks and please let me hear from you regarding the issues mentioned above. Peace