January 25, 2002 - JEA

Thanks for a great seminar! Hopefully your return home was a safe one. You'll find a new posting of our sermon work on I Corinthians and feedback on I Corinthians 1, Matthew 5 and 17 and at the texts and translations link providing a list of lectionary passages (New and Old Testament) for the Advent Season. Please look them over - particularly February 17 - so that we can begin working ahead as we had agreed. We need to decide if we want to work on the same text together, as we have done thus far, or if we want to work independently. Please express to me your desire. I'll be glad to assign a text for this first non-face-to-face session and ask different ones to focus on one of the steps if you want me to. We would need to keep in mind that even though we each would focus on one of the steps we would not totally leave the other steps to some one else.

The posting to this link (texts and translations) will include shortly the suggestions for exegetical resources.

If you have any other suggestions on the shaping of this portion of the website to make it more user friendly for one another please pass them on to me. By the way, if you have been puzzled by the state of the lectionary portion at the moment please keep in mind that the webmaster, sheri, has been out of town most of the month. She has just gotten back and will get things back into shape very soon.


January 28, 2002 - JEA

A couple of things I need to add to the previous communication: 1) The D. Min. office and the Stitt Library provide course evaluation forms for the Dean's office that I should have distributed on Friday. I managed to get copies to DPE, SP, and RKF before they left. The other three will receive them in the mail. Please fill them out at your convenience and send them back to the Dean's office in care of Nancy. Thanks. 2) A member of my church has been released to the care of Hospice. Please pray with me for the family of Jerry Thompson. Thanks. Peace