January 28, 2002


Thanks to all for fostering a wonderful atmosphere of grace and learning in our

class. I felt inspired and renewed, both by the methodology and the

faith--which was so evident--as well as the sharing of peers.

I am confirming a couple of "recruits" to participate in our endeavors

and will send their names along soon.

A question: can I send exegetical material and sermon by e-mail

or do I need to do something else?

Regarding the JEA question: I would vote to work all on the same text.

Looking forward to our continuing work together.

January 28, 2002


Thanks LRG for this great email. Amen to your first paragraph. Looking forward to getting names of your recruits and their contributions/interaction. Yes, you can send your material by email or as wpd attachment. I can then save them as html text and post without any problem. As you have seen under the communication from DPE he has opted for specific texts and if we all agree to his selections we can use that as our standard and work together as before. Perhaps this time we might opt for areas of emphasis by each class member??? It would be good for all of us to express ourselves on these matters. Peace