February 4, 2002


I guess I wasn't clear about how we would each choose the texts. From what I received from DPE & RLD, and since they had different texts, I didn't know what we had agreed upon. Actually, RLD & DPE chose the same texts up until March 24 (RLD - Mt 21 & DPE - Phil 2). If I need to adjust that would be fine. Please advise. Thanks!

February 5, 2002


I think it is apparent that we need to make our own choices for text selection. Where there is overlap between us that will lead to exegetical reinforcement and where not it won't be a problem. I've not seen, so far, great interest in dividing up the steps as division of labor. We have seen the model of JFC on the regular lectionary portion of the website who does all six steps himself each week, so we know it can be done. Perhaps later on we'll make some corrections to a modified division of labor. We'll see. It is all part of the experiment in finding a good work rhythm for us all.