February 1, 2002


Dear Colleagues,

Here are the texts I've chosen for our project:

Feb. 17: Romans 5.12-19

Feb. 24: Romans 4.1-5, 13-17

Mar. 3: John 4.5-42

Mar. 10: John 9.1-41

Mar. 17: Romans 8.6-11

Mar. 24: Matthew 21.1-11 (Palm Sunday)

Mar. 31: Matthew 28.1-10 (Easter Sunday)

I've acquired a minister to meet with me and I am working on finding a lay person as well.


February 1, 2002


Thanks RKF for the response on text choices and your partners in conversation. We look forward to hearing from both of them too. Your text choices raises a question about the work rhythm you'll find being discussed in the other communications from the end of January. Please look them over and see if there is anything you would like to say about these matters. Right now it looks like your vote is for the Romans 12:5-19 epistle reading on February 17. This is fine. I'd like to hear what the others think about the implications of the choice since until now the other communications have opted for the Matthew 4 text choice. Peace