February 12, 2002


I've rewritten the sermon on Matthew 17:1-9 based on the comments for our class discussion. Please remove the sermon that is presently on the website and post the revised sermon in it's place. I would appreciate any feedback that you would choose to give. My exegesis for Matthew 4:1-11 will be complete by Tuesday morning and will be sent that day with my sermon transcript to follow son there afterwards. There are a couple of blank spots in my work on the rough and smooth translations that I am hoping someone else will be able to manage. Please feel free to use any of my material submitted.

February 22, 2002



My apologies for the delay in replying and posting. The quantity of material to be posted to the website in other areas has been overwhelming, but it is looking better as we have added another assistant webmaster. My apology extends also to the others in our group who have gotten caught in the logjam. We'll make the Mt. 17 substitution; no problem. See if the Mt. 4 postings are a help in the spots to which you refer. Thanks again for your diligence.