Feedback on 1 Cor. 1:10-18


Again, a gripping story to begin. You have our attention! You have made

the obscure conflict of ancient Corinth come alive in the "bickering"

with which we are all too familiar today.


You have zeroed in on a key component of the controversy in Corinth,

the dividing up according to different leaders. The significance of a

name is a very powerful cultural feature in some countries. As you point

out, Paul is tryimg to contextualize this cultural phenomenon, reminding

them that messengers are just that, and not to be objects of

adulation--except for the one Name.


You make good use of the matter of our true identity and the question

of "Who am I?" that comes to most of us at one time or another--or more

frequently! I think you do a good job of bringing us along with the text

to lead us to discover a solid identity through union of

"identification" with Christ. Your concluding challenge brings it home:

"Who are You? I'm baptized in the name of Christ.


You lead us though the thicket of conflict which was marring the

fellowship at Corinth to the flip side--the possibility of community and

oneness within the household of God. You make great use of this text for

the baptisms, explaing that we baptize people in the name of Christ, not

a particular denomination. You also remind us that forgiveness is key to

Christian community.