Lectionary Year B
April 20, 2003
Easter Sunday

Acts 10:34-43

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


10:34 Then Peter having opened the [his] mouth said, "Upon the truth I grasp completely that God is not a receive-by-face One (respecter of persons, partial to), (v. 35) but in every nation the one fearing him and (the one) working righteousness is acceptable to him. (v. 36) With respect to the word which he sent (t.t. "apostolically"?) to the sons of Israel gospelling peace through Jesus Christ, this One (the God...gospelling, or Jesus Christ, or both?) is Lord of all (pl. personal or neuter subject?). (v. 37) You (pl.) know the having become word (Gr. "hrema") over the whole of Judea, beginning (Gr. masc. [not neuter] ptcp. agreement not "hrema" but "kurios"?) from Galilee after the baptism which John preached, (v. 38) (namely) Jesus the One from Nazareth as God anointed him with the Holy Spirit and power, who went throughout working good and healing all the ones being dominated (exploited?) by the devil (Gr. "diabolos"), because God was with him. (v. 39) And we are witnesses of all things of which he did both in the region of the Jews and in Jerusalem, whom also they executed having hung (him) upon a tree (gallows, wood), (v. 40) this One God raised in the third day and gave him to become visible (revealed), (v. 41) not to all the people, but to witnesses the ones having been chosen (Gr. "procheirizomai" hand picked beforehand?) by God, to us, who ate together and drank together (with - cf. prefixes) him after the him to have risen from the dead ones (v. 42) and he instructed us to proclaim to the people and to bear witness that this One is the One having been appointed by God [to be] judge of the living ones and the dead ones. (v. 43) With respect to this One (thing?) all the prophets give (their) witness to receive forgiveness of sins through his name with respect to everyone the one believing in him.

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