Lectionary Year A, B and C
Ash Wednesday
II Corinthians 5:20b-6:10

Step III: Immediate Context

(FS) Immediate context--5:11= the ministry of reconciliation (2:14-6:11-13) Apostolic ministry is the larger context. Building up to a very personal level.

(JA) The "order" is important - not "politicizing" but "oiketicizing".

(6:11-13) 6:13-7:1 may be an insertion from another letter. 7:2 could link to 6:13.

Author: Paul writing to his "favorite" church (thorn in side?) The NT letters were written for specific reasons, but the reasons did not always include infighting. The reason(s) standing behind the writing of this letter are important and this is only part of the whole.

"There is One Lord, One head of the Household" -- is the "household" an apostolic concern (or image) in all the pauline letters?

(GG) Why did the lectionary start at v.20b? It might be better, on the basis of genre to include 5:20-6:13 as "paraclesis."

(JA) Re: the Genre issue - When you look at obituaries, every-now-and-then someone slips in: "you are missed" etc. to modify significantly the standard form. Demonstrates a deep need to assure ourselves and our kind that there will be no separation in death--genre of grieving.

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