Lectionary Year B
December 29, 2002

Luke 2:22-40
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals
(JFC) An exposition of these stories might enable people today to discern anew how "families" might benefit our culture even now.

B. Describing the Audience
(JFC) Any congregation needing to enhance the idea of "family" could benefit from this proclamation.

C. Address
(JFC) A sermon, entitled, for this working draft, "Families From God's Perspective".

As one year ends and another promises to begin, a renewed awareness of God might help.

I. God
A. God gives Laws, no,moj, has expectations and orders life.
B. God gives salvation, para,klhsij.

II. The Holy Spirit
A. God's Spirit comers to humans, Simeon, you and me.
B. God's Spirit leads/accompanies humans, Simeon, you and me.

III. Jesus
A. Jesus of Nazareth was born like any other baby boy and lived accordingly, too.
B. Jesus the Christ, suffered, died and rose from the grave to assure us of salvation.

These cameos of God's presence, activities and purposes might encourage us as we go.

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