Lectionary Year B
December 8, 2002
Mark 1:1-8

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

B. Textual Criticism

C. Rough Translation

(JEA)1:1 (superscription/title) The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ [omit "Son of God" on text-critical grounds]

2) Just as it is written in Isaiah the prophet: behold, I am sending my angel/messenger before your(singular) face, who will prepare your(singular) path. 3) the voice of a crying one in the wilderness: you all prepare the path of the Lord, you all make straight his byways.

4) John the baptizing one came about in the desert, even (the) one preaching a baptism of repentance into the forgiveness of sins. 5) And (it) went out to him all the Judaean country side and all the Jerusalemites, and they were being baptized by him in the river Jordan while they were confessing their sins. 6) And John was clothing himself, as was his practice (periphrastic tense), with respect to the hairs of a camel and a leather belt around his waist and (he was customarily) eating locusts and field honey. 7) And he was preaching (imperfect, not periphrastic), saying: "the One stronger than I am is coming behind me, of whom I am not worthy having bent down to loosen the thong of the under-bound things (sandals) of him. 8) I baptized you all by means of water, but he will baptize you all in the holy Spirit."

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