Lectionary Year B
July 20, 2003

II Samuel 7:1-14a
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) This pericope's exposition might seek to illuminate and inspire parishioners to address, appreciate and rely on God's sovereignty more than before it is preached.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) Any congregation needing more revelations of God's sovereignty might benefit from this passage's proclamation.

C. Address

(JFC) A sermon entitled for this working draft, "David and God Disagree".

Susan Stamberg interviewed former photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris, broadcast on NPR's "Morning Edition", July 3, 2003. In it, Cartier-Bresson said that good photography gets "the head, the eye and the heart in a line". King David might have used those resources, the head, the eye and the heart, to suggest to God he build a proper abode/edifice for God in which to dwell.

I. David's Head
A. David assessed his living conditions relative to God's Ark of the Covenant's being stationed in a tent. He reasoned that God deserved better accommodations.

B. We, too, use our heads to reason that God is worthy of such environs. In another interview on NPR's "Morning Edition" of July 2, 2003, Bob Edwards went to Fayetteville AR to meet Lucinda Williams a song writer, who said, "Growing as a musician is all in/about the head." Well, perhaps some of it is. There is more.

II. David's Eye
A. David looked and saw that his palace was so much more appealing affluently that he determined to compliment God with a new Temple.

B. God had a better idea. God wanted to remain with the people, hoi polloi, in all their every day activities. Walter Brueggemann describes it this way, "The temple guarantees God's presence but at the same time militates against God's freedom. . . The plushness of the proposed temple contradicts Yahweh's self-understanding. Yahweh will not be bought off, controlled or domesticated by such luxury. Yahweh has been a free God and will continue to be. The royal apparatus is not able to make Yahweh its patron . . ."

III. David's Heart
A. Nathan detected that David's heart was in his dreams, that his heart perhaps prompted his dreams to want execution. The prophet told the king to build that "dream house".

B. God, too, has some dreams about how more effectively we might present God in out community. Brueggemann says, "By the power of Yahweh, David will have great renown and a safe place." That's what matters most to God. Safety is high on our lists of priorities, too.

It takes all our God-given resources, head, eyes, heart and all other body parts as well s mind parts and heart parts, to worship and serve God aright. Let's get them together and do it as God deserves.

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