Lectionary Year B
July 13, 2003

2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) An exposition of this text might reveal some of God's dynamic presence in every day life even today.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) Any congregation needing reminding of God's contemporary presence might appreciate a declaration of some of the truths in this lection.

C. Address

(JFC) S sermon entitled for this working draft "Where God Is and What We Do About It"

Honestly, sometimes we have to wonder where God is . . . Is God present in the Middle East? Is God evident when we suffer a death in the family? Is God's presence evident when jobs are cut, when crimes get committed, etc.?

I. The Ark of the Covenant
A. The Ark reminded the Old Testament believers of God's presence with them. It was a tangible sign that God was with them. What signs do you need to remind you of God's constant watch-care? Visible reminders help. God gave David and his folks the Ark.

B. David assures Jerusalem to become the center of faith development as well as the seat of government and commerce, etc. Brueggemann writes it this way: "Jerusalem is now a legitimate shrine, . . God is now patron and has taken up residence in David's city."

II. David's Reaction and Ours
A. David's exuberance is classic and well remembered. He confused and even angered some by his enthusiasm. It was, however, considered by most scholars to be appropriate. Brueggemann calls it, "with enormous royal flourish . . great pageantry and a show of royal affluence . . the dancing and singing respond to the assurance that God is present, The mood and intent of the celebration is one of unfettered, unashamed extravagance."

B. Do we ever get so animated in our thanksgiving and praise to God? What are our reluctances? Did not the early Christians get enlivened at Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday? What would it take for us to get just a little more animated?

III. Sharing with Others
A. David shared at least symbolic gifts of food with the celebrants before they ended their day. His gifts were more concrete reminders of relationships, relationships between God and believers and among believers with one another. And, surely, there were some non-believers among all those receiving those gifts there that day, too.

B. So, do we share such gifts with one another more than just on Communion Sundays. More than just as Bible Schools end? More than just with friends and neighbors?

God gives to us and we can give to others as well.

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