Lectionary Year B
June 29, 2003

Mark 5:21-43
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) Proclaiming some truths this pericope reveals might help mortals cope with ailments and death.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) Any congregation with ill and/or dying people could probably benefit from an exposition of Mark 5:21-43.

C. Address

(JFC) A sermon entitled for this rough draft, "God Heals".

People get sick. People die. God helps us deal with these challenging situations in life.

I. Divine Healing
A. I Kings17:17-24 and II Kings 4:8 and 17-37 tell of Elijah and Elisha healing ones thought to be dead to show God's power and the prophets' integrity in service. God wants us well and whole, at least spiritually if not also physically.

B. Jesus heals many ties in the Gospels. We read, in Grant's Historical Intro. to the NT, "Exorcisms were characteristic of first-century Palestine, and Jesus therefore performed them." Grant cites Luke 11:20 and Matthew 12:28, as well as Mark 1:34 and 2:11.

II. Peoples' Parts
A. Jairus went to Jesus, in faith, believing and trusting Jesus, came to ask for His laying on of hands to heal his sick daughter. He revered Jesus and asked Him intently to come make his dying daughter live! He obviously believed Jesus both could and would do so.

B. The woman with the hemorrhage, in faith, believing in and trusting Jesus, sought Him out for a cure. She felt His power come from Him to her to heal her. She was afraid and trembling yet told Him "the whole story" of her condition and He noted that it was her faith that cured her and He sent her away healed and in peace.

III. Peoples' Responses
A. Perhaps the movie, "Patch Adams" has some ideas about this phenomenon of healing in extraordinary ways. Remember the scene where he explained that the hospital he was starting would have patients and doctors alike healing each other, even with laughter, etc.

B. Some doubted and even laughed. Some were overcome with amazement. Jesus let them be themselves without scolding them. Rather, He went about His business of making people well and whole. They must have been aghast, especially when the young girl began walking. He told them to feed her!

God enables us to deal with our infirmities by staying with us, listening to us and giving us hope for our futures. Refer to one of the Old Testament lections for this week, Lamentations 3:22-33and/or Genesis 15:1, 21:17, 26:24 and 46:3. Citing Nouwen's classical, The Wounded Healer might lead us into suggesting we, as "wounded healers, get calls from God to go and heal others by sharing the Gospel's good news with them for a curative conversation to address their illnesses.

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