Lectionary Year B
July 16, 2003
Acts 17:22-31

Step I: Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

B. Textual Criticism

C. Rough Translation

[w.c. = waw consecutive; n. = noun; s. = suffix; v. = verse]

v.1 now he was (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) man certain from the Ramathaim Zuphites from hill country of Ephraim and his name Elkanah son of Jeroham, son of Elihu, son of Tohu, son of Zuph Ephramite v.17 and he answered (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) Eli and he said (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) go! (qal imperative fs) in peace and God of Israel may he grant (qal imperf. 3ms jussive) your request that you asked (qal perf. 2fs) from with him v.18 and she said (qal w.c. imperf. 3fs) may she find (qal imperf. 3fs jusstive) your servant favor in your eyes then she went the woman on her way and she ate and her face (n. cmp s. = 3fs) not (negative particle) they were (qal perf.) to her (preposition s. = 3fs) longer (adv.) v.19 and they arose (hiphil w.c. imperf. 3mp) in the morning and they worshiped (Hishtaphel w.c. imperf. 3mp) before Adoni then they returned (qal w.c. imperf. 3mp) and they went back (qal w.c. imperf. 3mp) to their home at the Ramah (proper n. with directional heh) and he knew/lay with (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) Elkanah (proper n.) Hannah (proper n.) his wife and he remembered her (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms s. = 3fs) Adoni v.20 so he was (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) in courses of/coming round the days then she conceived/became pregnant (qal w.c. imperf. 3fs) Hannah and she bore (qal w.c. imperf. 3fs) son and she called (qal w.c. imperf. 3fs) his name Samuel because from Adoni I asked for him (qal perf. 1cs s. = 3ms) v.21 when he went up (qal w.c. imperf 3ms) the man Elkanah and all of his family to slaughter for sacrifice/offer sacrifice (qal infinitive construct) to Adoni sacrifice of the days and his vow v.22 but Hannah not (negative particle) she went (qal perf. 3fs) for she said (qal perf. 3fs) to her husband after he is weaned (niphal imperf. 3ms) the boy then I will take him (hiphil w.c. 1cs s. = 3ms) and he will be presented (niphal w.c. 3ms) before Adoni and he will live (qal w.c. perf. 3ms) there for ever/always v.23 and he said (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) to her Elkanah her husband do! (qal imperative singular) the good in your eyes stay! (qal imperative fs) until you wean (qal infinitive s. = 2fs) him only may he make good (hiphil imperf. 3ms jussive) Adoni his word so she stayed (qal w.c. imperf 3fs) the woman and she nursed (hiphil w.c. imperf. 3fs) her son until she wean (qal infinitive construct) him v.24 and she took him (hiphil w.c. imperf. 3fs s. = 3ms) with her just as she weaned him (qal perf. 3fs s. = 3ms) with bulls three and ephah/a grain-measure one flour and skin of wine house of Adoni Shiloh now the boy young v.25 when they slaughtered (qal w.c. imperf. 3mp) the bull then they brought (hiphil w.c. imperf. 3mp) the boy to Eli v.26 and she said (qal w.c. imperf. 3fs) oh! My lord life of (adj. Ms) your soul (n. cfs s. = 2ms) [this is rendered by the NIV translation as "surely as you live"] my lord I the woman the one standing (niphal participle fs) beside you at here to pray (hithpael infinitive construct) to Adoni v.27 for the child this I prayed (hithpael perf. 1cs) and he granted (qal w.c. imperf. 3ms) Adoni to me my request that I asked (qal perf. 1cs) from with him

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