Lectionary Year B
June 22, 2003
2 Corinthians 6:1-13

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) This lection seems to be a veritable litany of every kind of misfortune, difficulty, injustice and pain suffered by the author. It lists item upon item of tragedies he endured while he recalls his faithfulness to Christ. It tries to justify the lack of deserving such mistreatment. The four sentences are quite characteristically (for Paul) long and run on and on. They sandwich some confession and affirmation, albeit, self-affirmation. Some self-professed honesty seems to be claimed.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) Why does the quote from Scripture use single pronouns? The negatives/wrongs seem to outweigh the positive(s), do they? The final order seems to be too weak to make its point adequately, is it? And, does the final expectation/anticipation really follow on the earlier verses/sentences of this lection?

C. Organization

(JFC) The quote from Scripture is in the second verse. The list of negatives/wrongs go from 4b through 10 and the final order comes in the last (13th) verse.

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