Lectionary Year B
June 15, 2003
Isaiah 6:1-8

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

B. Textual Criticism

C. Rough Translation

[w.c. = waw consecutive; n. = noun; s. = suffix; v. = verse] v.1 in year of death of the king Uzziah then I saw (qal w.c. imperf. 1cs) Lord sitting (qal participle ms) on throne being high (qal participle ms) and being exalted (niphal participle ms) and his robes ones filling (qal participle mp) the temple v.2 seraphs (n. cmp) ones attending (qal participle mp) at above to him six wings (n. cf dual) six wings to each with two he covered (piel imperf. 3ms) his face and with two he covered (piel imperf. 3ms) his feet and with two he flew (polel imperf. 3ms) v.3 and he called (qal w.c. perf. 3ms) this to that and he said (qal w.c. perf. 3ms) holy holy holy Adoni of hosts fullness of whole of the earth his glory v.4 and they shook (qal w.c. imperf. 3mp) doorposts of the thresholds at sound of the one calling (qal participle ms) and the temple he was filled (niphal imperf. 3ms) smoke v.5 and I said/cried (qal w.c. imperf. 1cs) woe! (interjection) to me for I am ruined (niphal perf. 1cs) for man unclean of lips I and in among people unclean of lips I living (qal participle ms) and the king Adoni of Hosts they saw (qal perf. 3cp) my eyes v.6 then he flew (qal imperf. 3ms) to me one from the seraphs and in his hand live coal with tongs he took (qal perf. 3ms) from upon the alter v.7 and he touched (hiphil w.c. imperf. 3ms) to my mouth and he said (qal w.c. imperf 3ms) behold! (particle interjection) he touched (qal perf. 3ms) to this your lips and he is taken (qal v.c. perf. 3ms) your guilt and your sin she is atoned for (pual imperf. 3fs) v.8 then I heard (qal w.c. imperf. 1cs) voice of Lord saying whom? (interrogative) shall I send (qal imperf. 1cs) and who? (interrogative) will go (qal imperf. 3ms) for us and I said (qal w.c. imperf. 1cs) here I! (interjection) send me! (qal imperative ms s. = 1cs)

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