Lectionary Year B
January 5, 2003
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

(JFC) The English Standard Version of 2001 and the New revised Standard Version of 1987 differ some as these notes indicate:

2b and may multiply you greatly." - ESV
and will make you exceedingly numerous." - NRSV

4 "Behold, my covenant is with you, and you shall be the father of a multitude of nations. - ESV
"As for me, it is my covenant with you: You shall be the ancestor of a multitude of nations. - NRSV

B. Textural Criticism

(JFC) 1 For yD;v; lae-ynIa], the Septuagint has, o` qeo,j sou, and the Latin has deus, simply different names for the God named, so the differences seem too minor to try to debate which might be more likely original. 5 With 11 manuscripts, the editors delete the sign, ta,, of the direct object in, ^m.vi-ta,, which might or might not have been original. 6 The Syriac version adds, ^ytbeyr.hiw.;, "and your be/much/become/many/great", to .ao, which probably is not original since it is longer to add such a word and not needed to make sense of the sentence. And, the Syriac version changes, ^M.mi, to ^y[,Memi, "from your internal organs/inward parts"? Probably not original whatever it is trying to say. 16 We are told to read with the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Septuagint, the Syriac and the Vulgate versions, WNM,mi ~yMi[; ykel.m; ~yIAgl. ht'y>h'w wyTik.r;beW, instead of hN"M,mi ~yMi[; ykel.m; ~yIAgl. ht'y>h'w h'yTik.r;beW>, making the source of the kings predicted to come from "you" rather then "from her". No, this sentence wants to emphasize the role of Sarah in this vision/prophecy. Reject the variant.

C. Rough Translation

1 And it happened that Abram was a son of ninety of a year and nine years and was to be seen [niphal, imperfect] Yahweh unto/by Abram and He said, "I am El Shaddai walk [hithpael, imperative] before Me and be perfect/whole/complete/having integrity/being unimpaired/blameless. 2 And I gave My covenant between Me and between you and I will make many of you exceedingly exceeding." 3 And fell Abram upon his face and spoke to him Elohim to say. 4 I behold My covenant (is) with you and you have become [qal, perfect] like a father of an abundance of nations. 5 And not is to be called [niphal, imperfect] yet your name Abram and has been your name Abraham for the father of an abundance nations I have made you. 6 And I have made to bear fruit [hiphil, perfect] you in exceeding abundance and I have made you [qal, perfect] like nations and nations from you will come out. 7 And I have caused to arise [hiphil, perfect] My covenant between Me and between you and among your seed after you to their generations like a covenant long-lasting to become to them like Elohim and your seed after you. 15 And said Elohim unto Abraham, "Sarai your wife not shall you call her name Sarai for Sarai for Sarah (is) her name. 16 And I have blessed [piel, perfect] her and also I have given from her for you a son and there have become nations from her kings of people from her shall come.

(v. 1) and he was Abram son of ninety years and nine years and he appeared Adoni to Abram and he said to him I God almighty walk! (hithpael imperative ms) before me and be complete/sound/whole/innocent/blameless (adj. Ms) (v. 2) and I will deliver/give (qal imperf. 1cs cohortative) my covenant between me and between you and I will multiply (hiphil imperf. 1cs cohortative) you exceedingly exceedingly (v. 3) and he fell Abram on his face and he said to him God (Elohim) to say (v. 4) I see! my covenant with you and you will be as father of many of nations (v. 5) and not he will be called longer your name Abram but he will be your name Abraham for father of many of nations I made you (qal perf. 1cs suffix=2ms) (v. 6) and I will make fruitful (hiphil w.c. perf. 1cs) you exceedingly exceedingly and I will make you (qal w.c. perf. 1cs suffix=2ms) into nations and kings out of you they will come (qal imperf. 3mp) (v. 7) and I will establish (hiphil w.c. perf. 1cs) my covenant between me and between you and between your descendants after you for generations of them as covenant of indefinite futurity to be (qal infinitive const.) to you as God and to your descendents after you (v. 15) and he said God (Elohim) to Abraham Sarai your wife not you call her name Sarai for Sarah (is) her name (v. 16) and I will bless (piel w.c. perf. 1cs) her and moreover I will give out of her to you son and I will bless here (piel w.c. perf. 1cs suffix=3fs) so she will be (qal w.c. perf. 3fs) as nations kings of peoples out of her they will come (qal imperf 3mp)

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