Lectionary Year B
February 23, 2003
Isaiah 43:18-25

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) What these lines present is a poetic scenario of God's prophetic prediction(s) for a view/vision of the future as it is opposed to the past which is to be forgotten. They paint a picturesque panorama of two distinctly different situations, one of the natural order the future promises and the other a list of sins of omission by those addressed, Jacob and Israel, as if they were different. The natural order will be like an oasis with animals at peace and human inhabitants God created to be "My chosen people" praising such a Creator/Re-creator. The sins of omission mostly include prayers, offerings and sacrifices the people have failed to make. Therefore God is said to be burdened, wearied and offended. Nevertheless, God says, I blot out your sinfulness and remember your sins no more. These repeated statements are directly and forthrightly with parallelisms to emphasize their truths.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) Wonder what the two different subjects in this lection have to do with each other? Are they two different fragments of two different prophecies from different places, different times, for different audiences and/or from different spokesmen/authors? Do the recipients of this prophetic promise believe it will come to pass in their lifetimes? Do they feel put-upon by the claims that they have ignored honoring God? And, can they count on God's forgiveness after such other accounts?

C. Organization

(JFC) The different subjects are contained in verses 19-21 and 22-24. The nearly unbelievable promises for such relief in the wilderness/desert are described in the 19th and following verses. God's accusing their refusing to honor Him is recounted through verses 22-24. God's forgiveness is in the last verse of this lection, the 25th.

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