Lectionary Year B
February 2, 2003
Mark 1:21-28

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) This pericope could be an eye-witness account of a few happenings in the synagogue in Capernaum. It tells of activities, dialogue(s) and results. The part of the sayings from the man with the unclean spirit is right resounding. Otherwise, the report seems more matter-of-fact. Jesus' words and actions are stated in a prompt, almost abrupt style, for which, of course, Mark is known. Here, Mark records an exorcism sandwiched between two sayings, re: Jesus' astonishing teachings and exceptional authority. The statements seem rather straight-forward and somewhat hurried.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) We might wonder about the man with the unclean spirit's being in the synagogue. Is that location expected, allowed, encouraged, permitted or forbidden? Theologically, we might wonder just how important are Jesus' parts in this story relative to the reactions/responses of the by-standers.

C. Organization

(JFC) The man's being in the synagogue is in the 23rd verse and the parts Jesus does and/or says occur in verses 21b, 25 and 28, while the peoples' acts are described in verses 22, 27 and possibly 28.

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