Lectionary Year B
December 22, 2002
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Luke 1:47-55

Step II: Disposition


This pericope records a hymn of praise, promise, hope and an attempt to explain what God is doing with divine mercy and might. It overwhelms the reader and hearers with the magnitude of joy and exuberance it expresses. It tries to consider too many subjects in one recitation. It needs at least some paragraphs and/or subheadings.

The hymn begins in praise and rejoicing that the singer both embraces and expresses. It then acknowledges Godís doing a thing so great it will affect the universe and for all times. Then, it mentions Godís mercy and might, how they are the reasons for and the results of the blessing. Its ramifications seem global and eternal. If Mary is as sure of and as happy with Godís blessings, she might be able to view the extent of them so far beyond her own benefit alone.


I have to wonder why so many topics are included in one hymn. Maryís praise of and appreciation for what God has blessed her by doing could suffice. Yet, the text seems to think she has to try to enumerate how and why God has blessed her in the midst of all the generations from Abraham to the present. The upsetting of the established order must be the ramification of the blessing God bestows on lowly Mary.

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