Lectionary Year B
December 15, 2002
Third Sunday in Advent
Psalm 126

Step III: Immediate Context


Mowinckel identifies this as a "Psalm of the Enthronement Festival", and/or the New Year. At that time it was thought that Yahweh would "judge", or determine the fates of people and nations in the coming year. (The Psalms and Israel's Worship, Vol. 1, p. 146) Here is a plea for Yahweh to change the fortunes of the people for the better.

J.L. Mays identifies Psalm 126 as the seventh of the "Psalms of Ascents:, Nos. 120-134 (Interpetation Series, Psalms, 1994, p. 399). It would be sung as pilgrims made their way "up" to Jerusalem to worship and/or celebrate a special holy day.

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