Lectionary Year A
October 6, 2002

Psalm 19
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) We might hope this sermon could clarify God's current activities in lives today, which might give the auditors some hope to trust God in their lives when so much else there is seeming to fall apart.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) This sermon might preach well for any congregation loosing hope and trust in leaders other than God, the Creator and Law giver Supreme. For example, as these paragraphs go to the seminary for distribution, President Bush seems hell-bent on going to war with the Iraqis and our Governor (in Kentucky) has just admitted to indiscretions of a heinous nature. People in our pews will be troubled by these and other misbehaviors.

C. Address

(JFC) A sermon, entitled for this working draft, "Where Has God Been Lately?"

In the past year we have wondered where God has been and what has God been doing, like on September 11, 2001, while our President seems to want to wage war against the Iraqis and when our Governor (of Kentucky) was committing his indiscretions. I. God Gives Creation Order
A. Genesis' opening chapters describe creation and tell us a lot about where God is. Psalm 19 seeks to focus on these works of creation as indicative of God's sovereignty.
B. Creation is called beautiful, glorious, convenient, etc., and we are called to take responsibility to keep it so.

II. God Gives The Law
A. God's Law is a good gift God gives us, say Confessions, Creeds and doctrines throughout Scripture.
B. God's Law guards and protects us. It shows us our sinfulness and need for salvation. It reveals to us how God intends us to live to the fullest and to please the Law Giver God.

III. We Pray
A. We confess our errors, praying Prayers of Confession, admitting our mistakes and asking God for forgiveness. Perhaps World Communion Sunday is as good as any time.
B. We ask God to aid and assist us to speak words, meditate contemplations and do actions that are acceptable/pleasing in God's eyes.

God blesses us with gifts of creation and the Law. We take fullest advantage of these gifts when and as we utilize them to God's glory and to peoples' edification.

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