Lectionary Year A
October 6, 2002
Psalm 19

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

(JFC) The New Revised Standard Version and the Revised Standard Version differ slightly:
7b the decrees of the Lord are sure, - NRSV
the testimony of the LORD is sure, - RSV

13 Keep back your servant from the insolent; (footnote: "Or from proud thoughts") - NRSV
Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; - RSV

14c be acceptable to you, - NRSV
be acceptable in thy sight, - RSV

B. Textual Criticism

(JFC) Using Hebrew text's verse numbers: 5 For ac'y", a third person singular present participle, it is suggested in the apparatus that we read, aceeyEe, an imperative? It certainly seems doubtful that such an emendation could be original. And for ~W"q;, the Septuagint reads fqovggoj, sound, tone like musical instruments make, Syriac reads h/-coj, sound, tone, noise, report, news, while Jerome has sonus, another word for sound; yet the editors of BH3 offer, ~lwq, their voice, sound or noise, or sed vix recte; or even , ~N\yqi? cf jud-aram aN\qi, strepitus, jealous. If any of these redactions seems more likely to have been original perhaps the penultimate one, ~N\yqi, might qualify, if any other than the printed text is needed, especially since the received version has quite a commonly used word.
10 For the first word, ta;r>yI, the editors suggest we read tr;m.a, the Word, instead of the text as printed meaning, the fear, referring us to Psalm 119:38. So far, that change does seem advisable.
11 For the first word, ~ydIm'x/N, it is recommended that we read, 'g hwhy yQehu, and delete br', the word for much, many or read , 'xg ~Nhi. Such emendations might make good sense, but it will take a few more steps to determine it very securely for an original version. Then for ~yqiWtm.W, they propose we read, 'm !yrib;D>, or insert daom.. These possibilities seem plausible, too, but it is still too early to decide which were more likely original.

C. Rough Translation

(JFC) 1 To the director a Psalm to David. 2 The heavens are recounting/declaring/rehearsing the glory/honor of God. And the deed of His hands are declaring/announcing/telling the firmament. 3 Day unto day will pour out/belch forth the word/speech/utterance. And night unto night will tell/declare/show forth wisdom/understanding/discernment/knowledge. 4 No saying/speech/promise/command nor words never to be heard [niphal, perfect] a sound. 5 In all the earth/land is going/coming out [qal, perfect] cords/lines/measuring lines and in/to/according to the end/mouth/extremity its words/speech/utterance to the sun is setting/putting a tent/dwelling/place of habitation because of them. 6 And it is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber and it will exult/rejoice like a strong man to run [qal, infinitive] a way/path/road. 7 From out of the heavens his place of coming out and his coming around and unto the height and not is being hidden [niphal, perfect] from the sun/heat of the sun. 8 The Law of Yahweh completely is causing to revive/refresh (BDB) [hiphil, participle] the soul. The testimony of Yahweh is confirmed/made sure is made wise [hiphil, participle] the foolish/simple/open minded. 9 Precepts/Statutes of Yahweh are straight/upright/correct causing to rejoice [piel, participle] the heart. Commandment of Yahweh is pure/clear/sincere/clean, giving light to the eyes. 10 The Word of Yahweh is clean/pure standing [qal, participle] into perpetuity/forever. Ordinances/Judgments of Yahweh are true just/righteous all together. 11 To be desirable [niphal, participle] more than pure/refined gold more than much pleasantness/sweetness than honey of the honeycomb. 12 Moreover your servant is being warned/admonished [niphal, participle] by them in to keep [qal, infinitive] them is reward abundant. 13 His errors who will discern [qal, imperfect] to be hidden [niphal, participle] be ye purged [piel, imperative]. 14 Also from arrogant/insolent/presumptuous keep in check/with hole/keep back your servant unto neither shall they rule/have dominion over [qal, imperative] me. Then I shall be totally/completely/wholly finished [qal, imperfect] and purged [niphal, perfect] from transgressions much. 15 Shall be unto pleasure/delight/favor the mouth of mine and the meditation of my heart to before Your face Yahweh, my rock and my redeeming One [qal, participle].

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