Lectionary Year A
September 15, 2002

Romans 14:1-12
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) We might anticipate a sermon from this part of God's Word could bring some hope for improving communication locally among people of different faiths.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) Any community where discussions among members/representatives of different religions is needed might profit from hearing and reflecting on this sermon.

C. Address

(JFC) Sermon, entitled for this working draft, "How We Have Grown Since 9/11/01"


Last Wednesday was the first anniversary of the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania's countryside's destruction by hijacked airplanes.

I. God
A. God accepts/welcomes us, and all others, too. See Psalm 27:10, exaggeration to make the point. Aren't we glad? How do we believe/feel God's accepting/welcoming us?
B. God calls us to be hospitable, too. Were we last week, at least? God show us how best to do it in Jesus' associating with all kinds of people in the first century.

II. In God
A. We live in God who creates, provides for, sustains and protects us.
B. We die in God, as well. After acknowledging the reality of death, most funerals actually celebrate the resurrection of the deceased, as today's Epistle Lesson does.
III. What More Might We Do?
A. We can take the cue from Christ and welcome others as He customarily did. What is your favorite story of Jesus' accepting and/or welcoming people different from Him?
B. We might also listen respectfully and acceptingly to others, especially those who differ from us and our beliefs.

When we follow Paul's advice, we please God, we emulate Christ and we build up others, especially those from whom we differ, showing them we believe they, too, are God's creations and children.

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