Lectionary Year A
July 21, 2002
Romans 8:12-25

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


(8:12) Therefore then, brothered-ones, obligated-ones (Gr "opheiletes-ou,ho") we are not to the flesh in order to live (Gr. "tou"+ inf. as purpose clause) according to the flesh, (v. 13) for if you (pl) live according to the flesh you (pl) are about to die (Gr. "mello" + PAInf of "apothnesko"); but if by means of spirit (the Spirit?) the practices of the body you (pl) kill (are killing?) you (pl) shall live. (v. 14) For as many as by the Spirit of God are led (are being led?) these are the ones being connected to Christ's sonship in God. (v. 15) For you (pl) did not receive the spirit of (flesh)-slavery once again of the kind that binds you to a life of fearfulness, but rather you (pl) received the S(s?)pirit of connectedness to God's Son in which we are crying out [together with the risen o(O?)ne]: "my Father, our Father!" (v. 16) Indeed, the Spirit itself gives witness together (Gr. "summartureo") with our spirit that we are, together with Christ, connected to God as children. (v. 17) And if children that means heirs, i.e. heirs in the particular connection to God by means of being co-heirs with God's anointed One, if indeed we are connected to suffering together with Christ in order that we may also be glorified together with him.

(v. 18) For when I weigh things carefully it looks like the sufferings of the present critical hour of destiny are of no special account when placed overagainst the dawning glory to be revealed into us. (v. 19) For the earnest expectation (Gr. "apokaradokia" in NT only here and in Phil. 1:20) of the creation is waiting eagerly for the revealing (Gr. "apokalupsis") of those who belong to God's own Son. (v. 20) For to futility creation was subjected (by God = divine passive?), not itself wanting this subjection, but according to the One doing the subjecting, and that toward hope! (v. 21) Because even creation itself shall be set free from the bondage of corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. (v.22) For we know that all creation is groaning together (Gr. "sustenazo") and is sharing birth-pangs until the now-hour. (v. 23) But not only so but also these are the ones having the first fruit (Gr. "aparche") of the Spirit (spirit?), and we ourselves are growning deep within being eagerly expectant as regards the sonship connection, the redemption of our body (= the church?). (v. 24) For by means of hope we were delivered; now hope being seen is not hope. For who is hoping as regards what thing he/she sees? (v. 25) And if what thing we do not see we are hoping, through patience we are expecting eagerly. (v. 26) Likewise also the Spirit (spirit?) joins the struggle on behalf of our weakness; for, the thing which thing we might pray according to what thing it is necessary we do not know, but the Spirit itself intercedes (Gr. "uperentugchano" hapax for NT) by means of unutterable (by humans - cf. I Peter 1:8 [+ek]) groanings (cf. vv. 22f); (v. 27) and the one searching out the hearts knows what thing (is) the mind (way of thinking about matters of conduct?) of the Spirit because (that?) it (the searching-out one? mind of the Spirit?) is active for God (according to God's ways?) on behalf of the made-holy-ones. (v. 28) And we know that to/for the ones loving God all things are working together into the good thing, to/for the ones existing according to purpose (of God?) as the called-ones (named [saints] ones?), (v. 29) that (because? or quotation of tradition?) the ones whom he/it (God or Spirit?) knew from of old, he/it also ahead of time destined the conformed (Gr. "summorphos-e-on" shaped)-together-ones of the image (descriptive genitive?) of his/its Son into his being (Gr. prep. + art.inf. as purpose clause) the firstborn among many brothered-ones. (v. 30) And whom (pl) he so destined ahead of time, these he also called; and whom (pl) he called, these he also made righteous; and whom (pl) he made righteous, these he also glorified (clothed with the resurrection glory of his Son?).

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