Lectionary Year A
July 7, 2002
Romans 7:15-25a

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

Romans 7:14-25

14 For we know that the law is spiritual (Gr. "pneumatikos" of the spirit, divine?), but I am fleshly (Gr. "sarkinos" of the flesh, human, subject to dying? cf. v.24) having been sold as slave (Gr. "pepramenos">"piprasko" only here in Paul; t.t. for "sell into slavery") under sin (as master?). 15 For what thing I am working hard at I do not know; for, what thing I do not wish, this thing I am practicing, but what thing I hate, this thing I am doing. 16 And if I do not wish this thing I am doing I agree with the law that (it is) good (beautiful?). 17 But now (t.t. for Paul = eschatological now?) no longer am I myself working hard at it but the housing (dwelling?) in me sin. 18 For I know that not is housing (dwelling?) in me, i.e. in my flesh, a good thing; for the to-wish-thing lies there (takes rest?) beside me, and (but?) the to-work-hard-at the good (beautiful?) thing (does not lie there?) ? No! 19 For not what thing I am wishing I am doing a good thing- but what thing I am not wishing - an evil thing - this thing I am practicing! 20 And if what thing [I] am not wishing, this thing I am doing, no longer I am working hard at it but the housing-in-me-sin [is...]. 21 I find then the law with respect to the one wishing me to do the beautiful thing that to (with?) me the evil thing is lying. 22 For I delighted together with the law of God according to the inner human being, 23 but I see another law in the parts of me being at war against the law of my mind and capturing me in the law of sin the one being in my parts. 24 Miserable I am human being; who will deliver (Gr. "ruomai") me out of the (this?) body of (this?) death this? 25 Now, thanks (Gr. "charis" used with dative?) to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore then I myself on the one hand, am slave by means of the mind to the law of God, on the other hand, by means of the flesh to the law of sin.

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