Lectionary Year A
June 30, 2002
Matthew 10:40-42

Contemporary Address


I'll be preaching to folks whose pastor retired last March. They miss him. They are quite apprehensive that they might not be able to afford another full time, resident pastor. They are beginning to think about a tentmaking pastor who might teach some at the local small Methodist college there. They realize they need to increase the membership roles of this very small congregation in this small town not very close to a cosmopolitan area. Perhaps Jesus' call to followers to go out and represent Him and to be received as prophets, righteous people and as God, too, might be proclaiming images they need to hear. With fall term of the college coming soon, this message might prove right timely for them.


The sermon this study produces will inform and inspire the hearers of Jesus' calling, God's participation in and with those called and the outcomes expected. It definitely will address the objections modern day and super cautious people will doubtlessly have. This passage might even stimulate them to go out amd try it.


"Welcome Wagon in Overdrive"


Jesus called His disciples to go out to the hinterlands to do mission and to witness and to invite others to come, join in with them. We here today get this call. It comes to us, our Lord's latter day disciples.

I. We are The Ones Jesus Calls Today

We become prophets, righteous and representatives of God's Presence as we answer Christ's call and go. Prophets speak God's word's. God's words welcome all to the House of the Lord and to exercises of faith with fellow believers. "Come unto me all . . ." The Righteous are those God has "rightwised in Christ". We are virtual Christians, the nearest thing to reality, as Christians go, today. We "want peace," so, we "work for justice", as the bumper sticker admonishes.

II. God Goes with Us as We Go

As we go, God's Divine presence goes with us. "Lo, I am with you always even unto the ends of the age". Look, friends, the age has yet to end. Ergo, God is still and always with us. We exhibit God's presence with us when the attitude we take with us demonstrates that we are following Christ in this endeavor.

III. Those to Whom We Go Welcome Us
Some of the reward this passage promises us is that we will be welcomed, Received, provided for and entertained, even. An evening out, on the college campus, welcoming students and faculty and staff to town, to church and to have fun here, will bring mutual joy and prosperity. We might take a plate of homemade cookies to share as a sample of Church Night Suppers frequently held here.


Parents of students, back home, will appreciate your overtures to students to come and be apart of this congregation. So will the students. So will God.

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