Lectionary Year A
June 30, 2002

Romans 6:12-23
Contemporary Address

Step VI - Contemporary Address

A. Goals

(JFC) A sermon from this pericope might give some comfort and even confidence to listeners who might need some assurance of God's gift of grace and what it might do.

B. Describing the Audience

(JFC) Any congregation needing reviews of God's grace and what can be done with and about it might appreciate such a sermon.

C. Address

(JFC) A sermon, entitled, for this working draft, "God's Grace and What It Does"

If we can turn off our natural propensity to Freudianism and realize Paul's uses of physicalities in this passage are for illustrative purposes, we can get at what he says here.

I. God

A. First, he says, God brought us from death to life

B. Then he attributes our transformation to God and thanks God for it

II. We are/were obedient to sin's power

A. Next, Paul admits, we sin. "All sin and fall short of God's glory", remember.

B. We even tend to let sin have its way with us. We let it enslave us. III. God has freed us from sin and brought us to life

A. Yet, Paul contends we are delivered from sin.

B. He proclaims that we are alive in God via Jesus Christ.

God's grace saves us from ourselves, from sinfulness and from death.

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