Lectionary Year A
June 30, 2002
Matthew 10:40-42

Initial Acquaintance


Anchor Bible Commentary capitalizes "Prophet" and "Righteous One". They translate twn mikrwn as "the most insignificant" and avmhn as ""truly". The New Revised Standard Version puts in lower cases "prophets" and "righteous one" as do most others consulted. Eduard Schweizer's The Good News According To Matthew, as do Anchor Bible and NRSV, translates dechomenos, "welcomes". The New International Version and the New American Standard Version translate dechomenos "receives". The NIV translates amen lego "I tell you truly".


Some uncials delete the second half of verse 41. The longer possibility is most likely not original. However, it might add to the examples the text is trying to use to fortify its main point if we retain it. Then some of the Latin uncials use a superlative form of ton mikron. Unnecessary. Others want to combine other variants. The textus receptus suffices.


40 Whoever receives you receives me and whoever receives me receives the One who sent me. 41 Whoever receives a prophet in the name of a prophet the reward of a prophet receives, and whoever receives a righteous one in the name of a righteous one the reward of a righteous one will receive. 42 And anyone who would give to drink to one of the younger ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple truly do I say to you not should that one loose his reward.

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