Lectionary Year A
June 16, 2002
Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) These lines of poetry seem to be a bit of a soliloquy as well as an expression or two to the Lord in prayer, of which the most part of this selection is about. Most of the statements are rather straightforward declarations with a rhetorical question thrown in for good measure. Several of the statements are in the future tense, conveying vows intending to be lived out. It is a thanksgiving prayer to and a profession of faith in God.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) Our first inclination, as usual, is to wonder why verses 3-11 are omitted from the lection. Then the significance of changing from speaking about God to speaking to God warrants our questioning. Next, what about the two verses (14 and 18) being repeated? And, is the final imperative as out of place as it seems initially?

C. Organization

(JFC) As stated above, the omitted verses are 3-11. The first six verses of this text, 1f and 12-15, speak of God in the second person while verses 16f speak to God and the next to last one (18) speaks again of God and the final one (19) speaks to the people, presumably the peoples gathered to praise God.

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