Lectionary Year A
May 5, 2002
John 14:15-21

Initial Acquaintance


(DH)15 If you (pl.) love me, you (pl.) will keep my commandments. 16 And I will ask the father and he will give to you (pl.) another advocate, in order that with you (pl.) "he" might be into the ages [forever?], 17 the spirit of [the] truth, whom the cosmos [world] is not able to receive, because it neither sees nor knows "him;" you, yes you (pl.) know "him" [it?], because alongside you (pl.) "he" remains and in you (pl.) "he" will be."

18 "I will not leave you (pl.) as orphans, I am coming to[ward] you (pl.). 19 Still a little [in a little while?] even the cosmos [world] will see me no longer, but you, yes you, will see me, because I live you will live also. 20 In [on] that day you, yes you, (pl.) will know that I [am] in my father and you (pl.) in me and I in you (pl.). 21 The one who has my commandments and keeps them, that one is the one who loves me; but/and the one who leaves me will be loved by my father, and I, yes I, will love "him" and I will reveal myself to "him."

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