Lectionary Year A
April 28, 2002
John 14:1-14



(DH)- What does "the heart" (sg.) "of you" (pl.) mean? Is there such a thing as a "collective heart?" How can two or more persons have the same heart?

- The Greek here does not seem to be very difficult. On the contrary. However, what really puzzles me are the changes in verb tenses. I guess, I want to "hang around" this pericope for a while and think about that more carefully. Any suggestions?

- What "kind of time" is Jesus talking about in v.9? In the same time? Is it the same time zone, the same life time? Is this an "incarnational" kind of time?


Thank you, DH, for a wonderful rough translation of John 14! And your step II reflections were very useful. I too wonder about the changes in verb tense. Like you, I'll "hang around" the text a while longer and then try to get back in touch when I have some reflections to share. Again, thanks for this - and other - great contribution(s) to our work together as pastors. JEA

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