Lectionary Year A
April 21, 2002
1 Peter 2:19-25

Step III: Immediate Context


Previous paragraphs address the right way to live, serve and relate with government agencies and such institutions as domestic slavery. They reference the Christ even right readily. The following verses cite propriety among such relationships as husbands' and wives' and other relationships'. God and Christ are mentioned some in the next chapter.


1 Peter sympathizes with Christians being persecuted by the pagan culture in which they exist and seek to grow by becoming more responsibly righteous and courageous. The message assures the readers/hearers that their Savior, Christ, set the standard of suffering and of being faithfully obedient to God's will. The hope this epistle mentions is a sure thing. If they get delayed in coming, God's purposes will be fulfilled nevertheless and eventually. Taken as a whole, 1 Peter is equally realistic and full of hope.


As stated in previous weeks' offerings, few scholars think the disciple Peter wrote this letter. It is too refined a document for such a commoner to compose. Perhaps a disciple of Jesus' disciple, Simon Peter, wrote it. Or, a disciple of his or of his. It seems too mature for a first and maybe even for a second century document.

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