Lectionary Year A
April 14, 2002
Luke 24:13-35

Step IV: Context

A. Primitive Christianity

(BD)To compare other parallel stories of the pericope can be located by using the references in the outer margin of the Nestle-Aland text. Where there are many references I only selected a few for comparison. We find in Mark 16:12 scripture that also references two people walking in the country and He (Jesus) appears in another form to them. We have a reference to the Emmaus story in the added verses at the end of Mark.
Verse 26 in Luke has parallel references such as Acts 3:18 were the prophets spoke that it was necessary that Christ should suffer, and it has been fulfilled.

B. Old Testament and Judaism

(BD)The Old Testament reference of Isaiah 41:14 parallels to verse 21 identifying Jesus as the Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel as well as verses 43:14 and 44:24 refer that it is God that is the redeemer of Israel. Isaiah 53 also affirms the redeemer is going to suffer. In the Mishnah supports the Jewish concept that through sin offerings and repentance there is found the forgiveness.

C. Hellenistic World

(BD)The term Messiah was largely taken from the tradition of the Jewish faith of some one who would suffer and die.

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