Lectionary Year A
March 3, 2002
Romans 5:1-11

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) As noted above, this pericope seems to be a statement of facts. It seems to be accompanied with some development by almost circular arguments. Some of the circles might be trying to get to a conclusion that might be covered here and/or elsewhere.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) My first question - does this paragraph really follow from the previous one, or does its opening, "Therefore" come from the whole chapter preceding it and/or from the first two, three or even four chapters of the Epistle? Then, does the argument flow as well as its author intended for it to do? Verse six appears to be a non-sequiter. Then, do the "rejoicings" need to be closer together? They might be too far apart to be as related, as originally intended, together in the thoughts/beliefs of the recipients of this letter.

C. Organization

(JFC) The paragraph in question is the whole pericope, chapter 5, verses 1-11. The "Therefore," comes in the first verse. The "rejoicings" occur in verses three and eleven.

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