Lectionary Year A
February 10, 2002
Matthew 17:1-9

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

A. Comparing Translations

(JFC) The New English Translation and the New Revised Standard Version differ slightly according to these notes:

1 privately up a high mountain. - NET
up a high mountain, by themselves. - NRSV

2 clothes became white as light. - NET
clothes became dazzling white. - NRSV

4 three shelters - NET
three dwellings - NRSV, footnoted, "Or [tents]"

B. Textual Criticism

((JFC) 2 One of the important Western Witnesses, D, has to. ciwn, snow, as in Matthew 9:3 and 28:31 and Revelation 1:14, for to. fw/j at the end of the verse. Too few witnesses to warrant the change since the term is obviously figurative.

3 Several redactors substitute wfqhsan, for w;fqh, an aorist, passive, indicative, which could be grammatically correct.

4 Several reliable witnesses change poih,sw, to a plural poihswmen, or poihsomen. Some weight for the change, to be sure. But, would Peter be likely to volunteer his fellows to share in the labor? Probably so.

7 Several Alexandrian and other reliables alter prosh/lqen, to read with different forms and even different words. However, like the variations in the next two verses, for auvto.n and evgerqh/, too few witnesses have revisions worth considering and too many others retain the printed text. Besides, Metzger (TCGNT) offers no help in this lection.

C. Rough Translation

(JFC) 1 And with days six takes the Jesus the Peter and James and John the brother of his and He leads them upon a mountain high with privacy. 2 And He was transformed before them, and shone the face of His like the sun, so that the garments of His became white/brilliant/shinning as the light. 3 And behold, was seen by them Moses and Elijah speaking with Him. 4 But answered/replied/responded the Peter said to Jesus; "Lord good it is for us here to be; if you wish/desire/want, I shall make here three tents/temporary shelters/tabernacles, for you one for Moses one and for Elijah one. 5 Yet/still of His speaking/talking/preaching behold a cloud full of light/bright overshadowed them, and behold a voice from the cloud saying/speaking, "This is the Son of Mine the Beloved, in whom I am pleased/take delight/take pleasure; hear/take heed of Him."
6 And they were hearing the disciples fell upon the faces and they were afraid very much. 7 And came the Jesus and touched them said, "Raise up yourselves and not fear/be afraid." 8 But raising up (aorist, active, participle) the seeing ones of them no one they saw only Him Jesus alone.
9 And descending/coming down from the mountain commanded/ordered them the Jesus saying, "Never tell the vision until He the Son of the Man from death is raised."

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