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You know it is a real sad thing when you are a kid and you are afraid to go to school..
Sit back and think, We wonder why kids don't learn as much as they should..
Really NOW THINK ABOUT IT....!!!!
They are to busy wondering how they will survive the day...

I thank God I am able to Homeschool all three of my kids,I may complain get tired and say I want them to go to school,But deep down inside I fear what would happen to them.
For the short 7 months I had them in school it was a Private one and I still went nuts when they would call me...
I feel for the parents, I will keep them in my prays...
I don't think I could ever endure what these poor people have gone through..
Not just in Littleton,CO. But in all the shootings..
How can people sit back and say there is nothing wrong in America...
Well HELLO, there are teenagers killing people and they are getting away with it...
We need to take a stand and BE HEARD finally...
The President say I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO...
If he doesn't know who does???? We the people need to be heard..
So please take a stand against the violence Please HELP us to be heard...

As I stayed awake last night to watch the lastest up dates on the shooting..
They asked 2 students...
One of the said " There were 2 of them outside the school we saw them...
One was in a Black trench coat the other was wearing a WHITE SHIRT."
Hello people then he said "We heard shots inside the school...While these other 2 were outside..."
Has this been totally over looked there were 3 of them and they only have 2...
The third one was outside throwing the pipe bombs on the roof...
Maybe it was a mistake but NO ONE has addressed at least not through the Media...

Colorado School Massacre

Police said two students wearing black trench coats were the gunmen. Jefferson County Sheriff John P. Stone calls the shootings a "suicide mission." He confirmed that several explosive devices were found throughout the school.

It was a brutal and bloody massacre. "Everyone around me got shot," said one student. "I begged him for 10 minutes not to shoot me. He just put the gun in my face and started laughing and saying it was all because people were mean to him last year," she sobbed.

A sign in a school window written by a student as saying, "Help, I'm bleeding to death."

"We always lived in sort of a sheltered situation," one student said.
"But now, we realize that world has hatred and evil that we didn't understand before this."

“She kept telling him she didn't want to die and she didn't do anything to him.
And that's all I remember hearing before the gun went off,”
Rourke said.

At 4 p.m., the ordeal was finally over when the gunmen were found dead inside the building’s library.

President Clinton is weighing a visit to suburban Denver to comfort victims.
Authorities say the final death toll is 15, including 11 males and four females.
Close to 30 explosive devices have been found, and police continue to search the school.

Bombs and More Bombs

April 21 - Bodies remained inside Columbine High School early today as authorities carefully investigated the bomb-ridden scene of a terrifying shooting spree.
Authorities lowered the death toll today to at least 16 without elaborating.
“It’s like walking through a minefield,” he said.
“The bomb guys keep finding more and more of this stuff"

Amid Carnage and Chaos Came Heroism

LITTLETON, Colo, April 21 - There were killers in the halls of Columbine High School, yes.
But there were also students like Aaron Hancey, and teachers like Dave Sanders.
When the explosions roared and bullets began flying, panicked students saw Sanders,
the much-loved coach of the girls basketball and softball teams,
standing bravely in a smoke-filled hallway, urgently directing them toward an escape route.
Suddenly, the longtime Columbine fixture was reeling, shot twice,
through-and-through wounds in each shoulder.
He staggered through the door of a nearby classroom,
where terrified teenagers saw him begin to cough blood.
Panic: Did anyone know first aid?
A teacher rushed to the next room, where he found Hancey, 17,
a junior with Boy Scout training in first aid.
Swallowing his fear, Hancey followed the teacher, Kent Friesen,
out of the relative safety of the room and into the awful corridor.
The air was noxious, the floor was littered with shells and debris.

Striding across a soccer field, closing on the student parking lots,
came boys with guns and bombs. As they came closer, they began firing.
An explosion racked a car on the parking lot. Everyone was baffled.
Everyone was sure it was some kind of joke.
Very quickly, as the blood began to run, everyone realized the truth.
There is an entrance to the building near the cafeteria, or commons,
and it was through these doors that Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, entered,
loaded up with an arsenal of almost unbelievable dimensions: two sawed-off shotguns,
one rifle, a handgun and homemade grenades.
How many rounds of ammunition? "Very, very many," said Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Davis yesterday.
How many bombs? As many as 30, inside the building and out - grenades of six or eight inches in size,
foot-long pipe bombs and, rigged to detonate at intervals,
bombs made in empty propane bottles with a device attached to spray a deadly shower of nails as shrapnel.

Group of Outcasts

Sean Kelly, 16, said the group had a video production class and made a video about guns they had.
He also said that several members recently bragged about getting new guns,
and that he heard members making derogatory remarks about blacks and Hispanics.
“They’re really dark people,” said Wes Lammers, 17.
“There were a lot of jokes that one day they might snap or something.”
Four youths were taken in for questioning after the attack.
One was led away from the school in handcuffs and three were stopped in a field near the school.
Authorities said the four were friends of the gunmen.
Both Reportedly Had Juvenile Criminal Records A Fascination With Nazis And World War II 'Peek-a-Boo' And Then A Gunshot
A friend of one of the Colorado shooters said the teen did it for fun.
The world is reeling from Tuesday's massacre at a Colorado high school, where teen outcasts embarked on an explosive,
bloody rampage that resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen people before they took their own lives.
Why? How? What's happening to our youth?
A decade ago, satanic rock music was blamed for a rise in teen suicides. Not too long after that,
TV's Beavis & Butt-head was blamed for a spate of young fire-starters.
Just two years ago, a 14-year-old boy claimed that the 1995 film
The Basketball Diaries inspired him to begin firing on students at a Kentucky high school.
Parents of those slain students filed a $130 million lawsuit against the filmmakers last week.
This week, fingers are being pointed at a current hit movie:
One Littleton witness told a national TV audience that the killers looked like Keanu Reeves' character in The Matrix.
The popular computer game Doom also is being mentioned.
"Most games kids used to play, the game ends.
Now it just leaks out into reality. The kids continue the game.
It's almost like it's a nonreality. And they teach no pro-social values.
There's no ethics in video games."

Rockers say:

Kids are bombarded with violent, dark messages from culture today, says Nikki Sixx, 40,
guitarist for the guitar-smashing heavy metal group Motley Crüe.
"The culture is always going to be dark. There's always the danger of that becoming the thing the child latches onto."
He thinks parents need to take more responsibility for their children's values,
and says he often talks with his young sons about what are they are seeing and thinking.
Rocker Ted Nugent agrees. Nugent, 50 and an NRA board member,
took his share of blame decades ago for negative influence on his teen-age fans.
"My kids and my kids" friends know Marilyn Manson is out there saying stupid things.
They know there are devil worshipers. They know people kill and rape and murder and get off with a slap on the hand.
"But they're not shooting anybody, or sacrificing goats,"
he says.
"It's too easy to make music a scapegoat," says Hilary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America.
"Music does not drive teen-agers to violent despair."
Explains Dave Sirulnick, head of MTV's news department: "Any of the bands that are usually
brought up in this kind of discussion - Marilyn Manson, etc. - sell millions of albums.
And virtually none of the kids who buy them do this kind of thing.
Music is an outlet for expression. People into this kind of music,
or any kind of music, aren't the ones to worry about.
They're into something; it's the kids who withdraw that you have to worry about."

Kids are looking for understanding, says Sixx. "So they go find answers on TV or with their peer group,
or they'll find a lyric that makes them say, 'I can relate.' Because they're alone and looking for answers."

But nobody's really alone anymore in the computer age.
Not with Internet cyberpals just a click away.
Wednesday, online kids of all ages were chatting about the Colorado tragedy. They expressed grief. Many empathized with the victims. Some sympathized with the killers.
Six hundred youths ages 13 to 21 were surveyed on line Wednesday at Bolt ( ), the Internet's largest teen-focused destination.
Asked "could one of your classmates be a killer?" an astounding 51% answered "yes."
And 13% were unsure and answered "maybe."
Wrote one 18-year-old Bolt subscriber, "We don't live in a Gap commercial,
there are always gonna be people who don't get along with others.
This is no excuse to take lives."

Young adults are the only people who can shed light on this tragedy,
says Beverly Coleman-Miller, a violence-prevention researcher and visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health.
"Adults are basically still stuck in the 'I can't believe this is happening in our neighborhood' syndrome."
The Colorado students "already saw a structure at work that the teachers, educators and the police department obviously missed," she says.
Those "kids are smarter than the adults about this."
For the adult world to understand the surging violence among youth, its inhabitants must "maximize children's brilliance,"
she says, in a smart, media-saturated universe.
Ok well I could go on and on and continue to post more articles every day as I have been.
It is a terrible thing to see what our world is coming to.
People say the youth of America..You see though it isn't all the youth.
You can blame the system, the parents, the school, the music, the games, and so on.
Yes as parents WE are responsible for our children some people not all tend to say,
"Oh don't worry how much trouble can the music cause."
"Oh the games are games they don't think they are real."
Well HELLO, Some of these kids do and we as a Country need to do something about it.
Take a stand,don't let your kids play them don't let them listen to the music.
Yes I know you can't control every move they make, But you can control what goes on in your house.
You are the parent God gave you that child.
So take a stand for your child and so NO I DON'T LIKE IT.
Now that this is over and people still remember the violence and say "Why did God let this happen."
Well God has plan for us all.
God knows what is going to happen to you before it happens.
Please try and remeber this.
God Bless

All quotes take from newspapers around the country