Welcome to IndoProtest

Welcome to IndoProtest. The place to find uncensored articles on Indonesian student protests. This archive will try to provide you with real genuine news, eye-witness reports, stories, and opinions on recent student rallies, which are made by regular people, not necessarily reporters. Some kind of an alternative to formal news media, like Reuters, AP, CNN, Kompas, etc.

Why an archive?

There's just so many of these honest articles flying around the internet. Through mailing lists, from your friends. It'd be a waste not to store them on the web and not let more people read it. That's why I built IndoProtest. This way you don't have to jam your mailbox, because it's on the web and you can read them anytime you choose to.

IndoProtest is from the people, for the people

The material in IndoProtest are provided by you. My job here is just to squeeze some time to paste the stories you submit to IndoProtest. Therefore, please submit that article about the recent protest in your campus to me right now! Want to see even more articles? Then tell more people about IndoProtest, so they know to send their articles here.

Any suggestions?

Please leave a message on the guestbook.

Fine print! IndoProtest reflects my support for the freedom of speech, but does not necessarily reflect my views and opinion. IndoProtest does not guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the articles within. If your identity shows up in one of the articles without your permission, you may ask me to erase it. I myself will remain anonymous until it is better not to.