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From: "PURPLE" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 09:58:19 +0700
Subject: 10 Tips Travelling in Jakarta

10 Tips Travelling in Jakarta

  1. Keep a marine uniform handy
  2. Do not wear a shirt that has a words of "Wiranto for President"
  3. Avoid wearing a police helmet and police uniform
  4. Avoid humming a military march while you walk
  5. Wear a tear gas mask
  6. Always wave your hand on every building (as a salute to snipers)
  7. If you meet police or military forces, DO NOT explain anything! They won't listen since they don't know your language. Explanation means shooting, smacking and spanking <--- that's their language
  8. Maintain 120 km/h at the toll road, just to avoid tool-road-looting
  9. Shake every student hand you meet as you walk (hugging is not necessary)
  10. Don't try to cover yourself as a journalist, since a journalist is not a bullet-proof person!


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