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From: teguh triharsaya
Subject: statement


In the light of clear conscience, we -the student council of Psychology faculty of Airlangga University, Indonesia- have discerned that the main cause underlying all this crisis suffered by Indonesia people is the irresponsible system of government formed and ruled by persons who posses no moral integrity.

This personality disintegration is shown by the inconsistency between what is said and what is actually done. The extreme manifestations of disintegration are the various inhuman behavior, such as intolerance, indifference to demands of society and the lust for power. Persons with disintegrated personality is, in general, incapable of taking the full responsibility of the actions.

The personality disintegration on the part of politico- bureaucrats has led to a life in a nation who is oppressed and exploited and humiliated. Since the economic and political democracy has been subjected to couptation by the state, the people become reduce to poverty.

There is only one answer to this whole crisis: Those who choose to maintain in this pathological personality, may go to Hell. But those who still love this nation genuinely must struggle to get rid of the corrupt politico-bureaucrats. Do not sacrifice 200 million Indonesian peoples just for to retaining those 20 Indonesian maniacs.

Those insane oppressor will only create a conservative and fascist system of government. They will not take concrete measures/attempts to solve this crisis. And the people, as a consequence, will become indifferent and helpless in the face of the oppressive government. This situation, in turn, will result in a kind of collective desperation and frustration the part of the people. This desperation and frustration are precondition for emergence of anarchistic behavior.

At last, with due respect to all the result of our development process, we propose a set of solution that must be done:

  1. To urge the Parliament to engage in self introspection and return to their function; of controlling the policy and behavior of the state.
  2. To demand a special convention of MPR (People Council) to fulfill the people's aspirations.
  3. If the point #1 and #2 are not executed, we should conduct a general election.

Here is our statement of concern. May God help us.

Surabaya, May 13, 1998
In the name of the people's suffering

The President of Student Council of Psychology Faculty
University of Airlangga, Indonesia.


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