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Saya dapatkan lembaran ini dari seorang teman yang meminta ini untuk disebarkan di internet, saat terjadi penembakan Mahasiswa Indonesia berdemonstrasi di IKIP Jakarta pada tanggal 2 Mei 98. Semoga menambah "greget" manusia indonesia terhadap rezim sekarang ini.

Teks ini saya ketik ulang sesuai aslinya.


"Non-Sense"!". The phrase would fairly and aptly verbalize the sentiments against the New Order regime. And why? For 32 years in power, the new Order has not only not led the Indonesian people to the promised prosperous, just and civilized society, on the contrary, the New Order has precisely hoaxed the Indonesia people to advanced poverty, disparity, injustice, violence, oppression, terror and even misinformation. Its so-often self-applauded economic growth has turned out to be a bubble. What actually shows is a minus seven percent (-7%) decrease.

We are well acquainted with the plight of Indonesian society. Not with just the economic debacle, but still further with the political, legal, cultural, education, and, above all, moral crisis. The responsibility rests with New Order regime. For its 32 years in power the New Order has gaudily exposed its vice ridden practises, in the economic, political and legal provinces as well as in education. Corruption, collusion and nepotism are rampant. And so it is with the judicial mafia. The New Order has also proved unashamedly its vicious behavior in its violent handling of the 27 July incident against student action as well as in the recent spate of (politically motivated) abductions.

It is obvious that, within the context of education, just a little in the New Order's conduct would be worth be worth emulating. It is therefore that we, who are associated in the Jabotabek Student Community, with this statement, testify to our position of conscience by asserting these two demands:

1. THE DEPOSITION OF GENERAL SOEHARTO, from his function as president of Republic of Indonesia. It is Soeharto who has initiated the current corruption in Indonesia. For 32 years he has been indiscriminately exercising power: bulldozing, extorting, oppressing, and also murdering. The Malari incident, the 27 July incident, the recent abductions of activists, is just a few among a host of inhuman aggressions perpetrated by the Soeharto regime. No doubt, Soeharto always speaks in the name of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, yet but a few of his achievements appear to be in agreement with Pancasila and the Constitution.

Moreover, besides being guilty of himselfs practicing political, economic, legal and other vices, Soeharto also turns to be protective of persons who indulge in similar vices. He always protects his children and cronies with regard to irresponsible behavior. Soeharto is accountable for the cover-up of the corruption scandal both at the department of transportation and in the case of Jamsostek. He can do anything as he regards this country private property.

He comforts himself not just as king, but as one at the service of the people. He does not possess the grace to tolerate any opposition. Hence no reform or improvement would be possible when he is still at the helm. Again, the deposition of Soeharto from the presidential seat is a precondition for the betterment of the country. If officials reiterate that reformation be gradual, then the earliest move to be adopted for a gradual reform should be the removal of Soeharto as president of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. We also demand THE DECREASE IN PRICES of people's commodities. The people are incapable of suffering the dramatic and suffocating price increase of daily necessities. Millions of the Indonesia population is threatened by looming starvation. Millions of people in Indonesia have lost their job. Millions of infants suffer from lack of nutrition. Millions of patients face death through lack of medicine. Tens of thousands of students are under threat of dropping out of school. In short: there are tens of millions of Indonesians people suffering as result of the current crisis.

Thus do we formulate our statement with full understanding of our accountability and commitment to the future of our country.

Mr. Soeharto, you are accountable for the destruction of this country. So, please retire and rise to your sense of honour, when there is yet time.

We will not give up the battle for truth, Even before the ugly face of the barrel of guns and of the threat of abductions!

Long live the Students, Long live the People, Long lives Democracy!

Jakarta, May 2, 1998


ABA-ABI, LPI, AMI, IISIP, YARSI, STEI Rawamangun, STIE Swadaya, Univ. Borobudur, STMI, UKI, ISTN, APP, Univ. Kertanegara, Univ. Nasional, UID, IKIP Jakarta, UPN, Univ. Dr. Moestopo, Univ. Jayabaya, IAIN, UIC, Univ. Ibnu Saut, STTJ, UNIJA, UMJ, STF Driyarkara, Univ. Pancasila, Univ. Attahiriyah, Univ. Assafi'iyah, UNKRIS, UNTAG, Univ. Juanda, Univ. Pakuan, Univ. Syahid, Univ. Mpu Tantular, UNTAR, STMT, ATGT, Univ. Atma Jaya, AKASTRI, PTIQ, SPPJ, ITI, AKPM, Gunadarma.

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