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Alright, it has been over a year now since I have even touched this site. Mainly because I was in college to become a web designer. Now that I am one, and since I have noticed that so many people have totally enjoyed this web site. Which I created in a moment of frustration over being left handed, and simply just for fun.

OK, the new design is finished, I've moved it onto a new server without any stupid ads, and we now have an online community started, sign up and join the fun!

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"dednah tfel"

      Amazingly only 1 person out of the next 11 people that visit this site will beable to recognize what the above statement says. For the non-left handed person it says "left handed" backwards. You see, left handed people look at and see things differently then the rest of you right handers.

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Celebrate International Left-Handers Day. August 13.

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