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The Oz Effect
M.A.S.K. Episode No. 9
Setting(s): Caribbean Islands, Aborigine Village, Temple, Emerald mines
M.A.S.K. Agents: Matt Trakker (Thunderhawk), Brad Turner (Condor), Buddy Hawks & Hondo McLean (Firecracker), Bruce Sato & Alex Sector (Rhino), Dusty Haynes & Gloria Baker (Gator)
V.E.N.O.M. Agents: Miles Mayhem (Switchblade), Sly Rax (Piranha) Cliff Dagger & Vanessa (Jackhammer)

(Scene opens with a view of a beautiful Caribbean island. We close in to see a native village situated beside a stone temple. The beating of drums is heard as the natives perform some sort of dance, in a circle. Off a corner, a young blonde woman is speaking into a tape recorder.)

Sarah: The natives have celebrated their harvest seasons for thousands of years. It's a sign of things. It's to sooth 'god'. [This part is unclear, so these are my best guesses at what she said.]
High Priest: (Off screen) On your knees!!

(All festivities draw to a close as the voice disrupts the celebration. Everyone looks around in surprise, Including the young woman. The voice seems to have come from the temple. The High Priest comes into view, holding a staff in his hand. He wears a robe of red, yellow and blue, as well as a face mask which has some ghastly paintings on it.) 1

High Priest: On your knees! The Wind God is angry! Beg for his mercy!
Sarah: The High Priest is warning the people about the anger of one of their gods.

(Suddenly, a strong wind begins to blow. Leaves fly about, the trees sway, and sand from the ground swirls. The sky darkens. Everyone looks in horror. A few try to leave.)

High Priest: On your knees!! Or the Wind God will destroy the village!

(Terrified, the natives do as he says.)

Sarah: I…I've never seen anything like this before! They're terror-stricken about the Wind God.
[Considering the weather, my dear girl, I think you should be too.]

(As if to emphasize her point, an empty basket rolls toward the temple, blown by the wind. It stirs up a trail of does as it moves. Overhead, the sun is obscured by a dark layer of clouds. The people turn to see a tornado coming towards them.)

Sarah: I…I don't believe it! (Everyone begins running as she speaks.)

(The tornado closes in, destroying the village. Pieces of wood, an odd bowl and other items are sucked up by the tornado. Just before it reaches the stone temple, the tornado dies and disappears. The sky turns blue again. Through a cloud of dust, we see the village his been ruined. The temple, however, is untouched. The High Priest stands before it. He takes off his mask and turns out to be… Sly Rax!)[Mind you, most of us would have guessed it by the voice by now.](Sly Rax activates a radio hidden in the staff.)

Sly Rax: You were right! It worked like voodoo magic!

(The camera drifts toward a tree beside him. Sarah's recorder has been thrown up on one of its branches and is hanging by its strap. It is on. Sly Rax laughs, unaware that he is being recorded.)

(Much later. The scene opens at the Trakker Mansion, the cuts to a view of the tape recorder which sits on a table. It is being played.

Tape Recorder: (With Sarah's voice) I…I don't believe it!

(We see that it is in Matt's Office. Matt is sitting on the desk while an older man, a stranger with graying brown hair, paces.)

Tape Recorder: (With Sly Rax's voice) You were right! It worked like voodoo magic! Hahahaha! (The tape recorder is switched off.)

Dr. Clay : (Picking up the tape recorder) I arrived late for the harvest celebration. Sarah was already there, starting travelling costs…I mean… you're most generous, Matt.
Matt: Thank you doctor. Most kind of you. Where did you find the recorder?
Dr. Clay: (Putting down the recorder) In the village. You know Matt, that the third village has been hit by a storm in the last few days.
Matt: But the villagers disappearing too…?
Dr. Clay: (Head in hands) … and now, Sarah.
Matt:(Hand on Dr. Clay's shoulder) Don't blame yourself .

(Matt ejects the tape and picks it up.)

Matt: Something really whack about this whole thing… Excuse a moment, Dr. Clay. (Heads for computer room.)

(Matt pops the tape into a computer and playbacks Sly Rax's voice.)

Sly Rax's voice: You're right! It worked like voodoo magic!
Computer: Isolate one word, please. (Matt does so)
Sly Rax's voice: Maaa-gic. Maaa-gic. Maaa-gic.

(A picture of Sly Rax, with mask, fills the screen)

Matt: V.E.N.O.M.! Scan the personnel files for M.A.S.K. agents best suited for this mission.
[My, this comes early this episode]
Computer: Personnel selected: Bruce Sato- Mechanical engineer and design specialist. Vehicle codename- Rhino.

(Bruce is playing with his model racing car set. Beep goes the M.A.S.K. watch, down goes the control, away goes Bruce, and crash goes the car!)

Computer: Alex Sector-computer and communications expert, Rhino systems commander.

(Alex is playing with his parrot, a Scarlet Macaw, to be specific. The watch beeps, so Alex hastily puts the bird on its perch and beats it.)

Computer: Hondo McLean- weapons specialist, tactical strategist, vehicle codename- Firecracker.

(Hondo is in the library, looking though some books. His watch clamors for attention, and he runs out, enraging the librarian in the process.)

Computer: Buddy Hawks- Master of disguise, intelligence expert, Firecracker co-pilot.

(Buddy is under a car, fixing something. At the signal, he slides out of the car and runs off.)[I don't see the reason for rushing. He works at Boulder Hill gas station, doesn't he?]

Computer: Dusty Haynes- auto and marine stunt driver. Vehicle codename-Gator.

(Dusty is have a lunch break of… well… pizza. Just as he's about to take a bite, beeps goes the watch. Dusty, with a disappointed expression on his face, leaves the pizza and runs off screen. Unexpectedly, he runs back, grabs the pizza and moves on with a silly grin.)
[Hytac: LOL]

Computer: Brad Turner- motorcycle and helicopter pilot, vehicle codename-Condor.

(Brad is in a guitar store. He's pointing at a guitar placed on one of the higher racks. The salesman is climbing up the ladder to get it when Brad's watch decides to beep. Brad glances at the watch in alarm, then races off. The salesman climbs down, then realizes his customer is missing.)

Computer: Gloria Baker- Champion race driver, black belt in kung-fu.
[Is it just me, or is this list getting a bit too long? Anyway, note that Gloria has no vehicle.]

(On some desert racetrack. Gloria is driving a black car when her watch beeps. She brakes, stops, jumps out of the car and runs off.)
[Funny. You'd think she'd get where she's going faster in the car.]

Matt: Assemble Mobile Armored Strike Kommand!
[Hytac: Finally!]

(New scene opens at the swimming pool of the Trakker Mansion. A snorkel snout is seen swimming around in the water. We see the snorkel is being worn by T-Bob.)

Scott: Come on up, T-Bob!
T-Bob: I don't need to get this stuff… I don't even breathe! (climbs out of pool)
Scott: Well, I really appreciate you testing my gear, T-Bob.
T-Bob: You oughta. I think I'm gonna run!
Scott: (Turns around) Dad? We're ready to go diving in the Caribbean! (Matt appears and walks towards the two.)
Matt: I'm afraid you'll have to sit this one out, Scott.
[Hytac: Yes!!]
Scott: Aww… Dad! You said you'd take us diving! Besides, I can take picture of the tropical fish for my school report.
Matt: Somebody already took them for you. (Holds up a think black volume) Encyclopedias are full of photos.
Scott: (Takes the encyclopedia) But it's not the real thing!
Matt: (Ruffling up Scott's hair) Tell you what, I'll take you and T-Bob as soon as I get back. (Runs off)
Scott: (Disappointed)Awww…

(T-Bob tosses the snorkel into the pool)

(Matt reaches the underground rail and gets in the tram)

Matt: M.A.S.K. Headquarters. (Off goes the tram)

(Later. An aerial photo of four islands is displayed on the view screen of the briefing room. The agents have arrived and are seated around it.)

Matt: So, those are the details except for one. Three villages have been… err… no pun intended… taken by storm.[*Groan*] There's only one left in the area.
Gloria: You think it's V.E.N.O.M.'s next target?
Bruce: Angels give, Demons take.
Dusty: One more time in good 'ol english, pardner?
Matt: He's got a point… V.E.N.O.M.'s no angel. (Hand on chin.) And if we don't shut them down, they'll keep taking until they get what they want. Let's go.

(The table is lifted up into the mask room. Down comes the mask rack.)

Matt: Prepare to energize masks.

(The masks are energized and everyone takes his/her own mask. The vehicles roar out of the garage and into the transport plane which transports them to the Caribbean.)

(The scene opens at the devastated village and the stone temple.)

Matt: This is where Sarah and the villagers disappeared.
Brad: V.E.N.O.M. really leveled the place.
Matt: See if the storm left behind anything that might help us.

(The agents split up. Dusty heads for the stone temple. He notices the entrance and climbs up the steps, closing in. Suddenly, several natives emerge. The men stand in the front, protecting the women behind.)

Old man: The Wind God is angry. He showed no mercy.
Dusty:(waving hands) Hey… easy there, pardner! No one's gonna hurt ya! (To the others) Hey Matt! Over here!

(Later. The tribe and the agents are standing in the middle of what's left of the village.)

Matt:You here during this storm?
Old man: The winds of the god took me to vast city in the sky.
Matt: The city in the sky?
Old man: It was like dream… then I fell to ground.
Matt: Did you see a white woman named Sarah?
Old man: she was here, but now…
Matt: …I know. She's in the 'city in the sky'. (Looks up)

(Scene opens at the V.E.N.O.M. camp. Miles Mayhem emerges from a tent and moves toward a table where Vanessa and Sly Rax are sitting. Cliff Dagger shows up a few moments after that.)

Dagger: Just got another shipment out. Should be on mainland within an hour.
Mayhem: Good. But I think we could to better. One more village isn't there.
Sly Rax: You mean I get to play… (Puts on painted mask, not Stiletto mask)… high priest again?
Mayhem: Heh heh heh heh (Laughs)

(Scene opens with a view of a young man, a native walking down a path in the jungle.)
[Hytac: I say.. there's something familiar about that guy…]

(A small view window opens on the top right corner of the screen, showing Brad's face. Another window, this time on the left, opens to show Matt's face.)

Brad: What's our next move, Matt?

(Another small window opens in the lower half of the screen. Bruce's face appears.)

Bruce: To catch a tiger, one must be its prey.
Matt: Good idea, Bruce. We'll use our 'master of disguise.'

(All three windows close and disappear.)

(The man continues walking and enters the fourth village. A trio of children run past, chasing each other. The village seems to be peaceful enough.)

Buddy: (Talking into a radio concealed in an amulet worn around his neck) So far everything's normal.
[In case you haven't figured it out yet, the 'native' is Buddy Hawks in disguise.]
Matt: (Off screen) Okay, Buddy. Stay in touch.
Sly Rax: Off screen The Wind God is angry! Beg for his mercy! (View shifts to Sly Rax, in his High Priest costume) The Wind God is angry! On your knees! Or the Wind God destroys the village!

(A few of the villagers begin to retreat.)

Sly Rax: Do not run! On your knees. Beg for his mercy!! (Swings his staff)

(The villagers obey. Buddy hesitates for a moment, then follows Sly Rax's orders. [You'll notice here, that Buddy is still fairer that the rest of the villagers.] Satisfied, Rax nods and leaves.)

Buddy: (Off screen, through radio) V.E.N.O.M. just cowed the villagers. You'd better roll.
Matt: (Revving up Thunderhawk and putting on mask.) On your way.

(Screen splits into several facets, each showing a M.A.S.K. agent putting on their mask. Vroom goes the vehicles as they head for the village.

(Back at the village, we see the natives still kneeling down. [You can pick Buddy out from this shot] A strong wind begins to blow. We see the tornado head right for them. As it turns out, the tornado is caused by a giant hovercraft which uses the clouds as cover. A giant fan is built in the center, sucking up air and creating a tornado. Mayhem is piloting it.)

Mayhem: Brace, suckers, For the ride of your life!

(Sly Rax runs to Piranha, joins Dagger and Vanessa and notices a convoy of vehicles passing in the distance.)

Sly Rax: Looks like M.A.S.K.! (Tosses his High Priest gear to the ground and roars off to attack in Piranha. He intercepts the M.A.S.K.)
Sly Rax: One for the bad boy! [I think]
Matt:: (To others)I got you covered!

(From an outside view, we see Condor and Rhino, which are flanking Thunderhawk, peel to the side to avoid the missile. Thunderhawks flies off, getting out of the missile's way in the nick of time. The missile continues and heads for the Gator. Thunderhawk doubles back, firing a small decoy missile. The decoy leads the missile away and both explode in the distance.)

Dusty: (To Thunderhawk, flying overhead)We owe ya one!

(Jackhammer takes on Firecracker. Firecracker swerves from side to side to avoid laser fire.)

Hondo: Cool it down!

(Hondo passes Jackhammer, U-turns and fire's the spare tire with the retractable blades. The tire spins across the ground, cutting up grass and slicing up the Jackhammer's tires as it does so.)

Vanessa: Yeeargh! (Jackhammer crashes into a tree. Sighs.) V.E.N.O.M.! Alert! M.A.S.K. is near the village! We may need backup!
Mayhem: M.A.S.K.? I'll give you more than backup! (Reconfigures the controls and directs the tornado towards the village… then continues toward the battle field. Sly Rax escapes just as the tornado heads for the M.A.S.K.)

(All vehicles screech to a halt just as the tornado envelops them. The screen facets again showing everyone caught in it. The Thunderhawk is lifted up on one side. The Condor, Brad still on it, is carried off and crashes somewhere off screen. Firecracker bangs into a tree while Gator is lifted and pushed aside. Even the heavy Rhino is battered. Then the tornado dies, leaving the village in ruins.)

(Later. Matt, in the midst of the ruined village, picks up Buddy's radio amulet. The other agents join him, none the worse for having been tossed around by a tornado.)
[Gosh! It's a darned miracle! I'm being sarcastic, by the way.]

Gloria: We've lost him.
Matt: Maybe not, Gloria.
Bruce: A giant cannot hide.
Matt: That's right Bruce. And I've got a feeling that that giant tornado was being created by V.E.N.O.M. somehow.
Hondo: How else can you explain the tornado hitting forward to four villages, right on target?
Matt: I can use Spectrum to follow the ion trail of the tornado.
Alex: And maybe it will lead us to the… 'City in the sky'…and Buddy. Yes, if Buddy was taken by the storm, that's where he'll be.

(The agents walk slowly toward the vehicles. Matt stops just as they reach them and issues orders._

Matt: I'll check it out from here. Brad, you fly with me in Thundehawk. The rest of you, follow on land.
[Apparently the Condor has been disabled. I wish they'd confirm that.]

(New scene opens showing several of the villagers carrying heavy burdens. They are working in some sort of mine. A V.E.N.O.M. thug keeps watch, baton in hand. He prods a worker who is moving too slow.)

Worker: Ugh!

(We see Buddy right behind the worker, also carrying the same burdens.)

Thug: Keep moving!

(Buddy moves on, noticing a moat, dug in a complete circle in the distance. A woman sits on the top of a pillar of rock in the center. It is none other than Sarah. The pit is filled with snakes and Sarah is obviously terrified. Buddy is clearly furious and casts an angry look at the V.E.N.O.M. thug.)

Thug: (Brandishing the baton) Keep your mind on your work, lowlife!

(Meanwhile, Thunderhawk is flying , following the tornado trail.)

Brad: See anything?
Matt: I've got the tornado's ghost in 3D.

(We see the tornado's trail from Spectrum's point of view. Everything else is represented in shades of blue while the ions trail is in red. The Thunderhawk flies on.)

(Elsewhere, in the V.E.N.O.M. base, Dagger is setting up a surveillance system with Vanessa and Sly watching. He turns it on, just in time to see the other M.A.S.K. vehicles following the Thunderhawk.)

Dagger: They're coming now!

(So they are. The Gator and Firecracker are leading, with Rhino following behind. Suddenly, both leaders plow into soft ground and start sinking.)

Dusty: What the…? The car's gonna sink!

(Rhino manages to stop in time.)

Bruce: Quicksand!

(Through the V.E.N.O.M. monitor, we see Bruce and Alex getting out of the Rhino. The two other vehicles are rapidly sinking.)

Sly Rax: I say they'll be stuck here awhile.
Vanessa: Just like Mayhem wanted. (Laughs)
(All laugh)
[Hytac:Excuse me, but wouldn't this be a good time, to like, Finish them off like you're always talking about?!]

(Dusty and Gloria have clambered up the roof of the rapidly sinking Gator. Hondo is doing the same. Suddenly, he slips.)

Hondo: (Trying to regain balance by flapping his hands) Yearrgh-ugh! (Falls into quicksand)
Alex: Hang on there, old chap! Jackrabbit on! (Activates Jackrabbit) [Ladies and gentlemen witness something you don't see happening every episode!](Alex flies over and pulls Hondo out.)
Hondo: Argh… ugh… Thanks.
Bruce: Lifter, on! (Lifts Gloria and Dusty off the sinking Gator.)

(Hondo and Alex shake hands as Bruce lowers Dusty and Gloria)

Gloria: (Sighs in relief) Thanks Bruce.
Bruce: (Waves as if to say, it's nothing. Turning to Alex.) Any idea how to save the vehicles?
Alex: Rhino's winch!

(Accordingly, they use the winch to pull the vehicles out.)

Bruce: Ok. All set.

(Alex has fastened one end of the metal cable to the Gator. Using Rhino, they tow it out. Alex then takes off the cable and fastens it to the Firecracker. Bruce accelerates the Rhino, tugging the vehicle out and encounters some difficulty. Suddenly the cable snaps and the line goes slack. Alex grabs both ends.)

Alex: Hondo, give me a little juice! (Holds ends of the cable together)
Hondo: Blaster, on! (Fires Blaster and proceeds to fuse the cable together.)

(Bruce tows the Firecracker up this time with no problems.)

Gloria: A trap by V.E.N.O.M.?
Alex: (Takes off mask) Who else would camouflage quicksand with grass and leaves? We'd better move along. We've got to catch up with Matt and Brad.!

(Back at the mine, Buddy pauses to observe a speck in the sky which is rapidly getting bigger. It is the Thunderhawk.)

(Up in the plane, Matt and Brad see the mines.)

Matt: Leave it to V.E.N.O.M. to turn a paradise into a prison camp. Hit the [Unclear]whisker lock.
(Brad nods and does so.)

Thug: (Noticing Buddy staring at the Thunderhawk) Back to work!

(Meanwhile, Brad has managed to get a picture of the insides of the mine. He zooms in)

Matt: It's an emerald mine.
Brad: Man! There's got to be billion's worth down there.
Matt: V.E.N.O.M. and greed. They were made for each other. Mask on! (Activates masks holders of both Spectrum and Hocus-Pocus. Thunderhawk swoops lower.)

(Elsewhere, in the titanic hovercraft, Mayhem gloats.)

Mayhem: In a matter of days, I'll corner the world's emerald market. (Notices Thunderhawk) Huh? (Runs to the bridge)

(Thunderhawk fires a couple of sonar missiles.)

Mayhem: Ugh! (Activates the hovercraft)

(The giant propellers whirr as Matt fires another two missiles.)

Mayhem: Yeearhgh! (Runs out of the hovercraft, landing hard on his belly.) Arrgh!
[Should be plenty of padding, I say ;)]

(Mayhem runs off just as the hovercraft lifts off. The Thunderhawk swoops in, barely a speck compared to it.)

Matt: So much for 'City in the sky.'
Brad: That thing's big enough to carry a whole village in it!
Matt: And bring that them here to work for V.E.N.O.M.

(Meanwhile, Rhino, Firecracker, and Gator finally make their appearance. The hovercraft is rapidly gaining height when Jackhammer and Piranha appear and engage the M.A.S.K.)

(Somewhere below the hovercraft, the V.E.N.O.M. thugs are panicking because of the strong wind, and the natives seize their chance to escape. Buddy runs for the moat, where Sarah is getting battered by the wind, still stuck on top of the center pillar. Buddy takes a look at the snakes in the pit.)

Sarah: Stay back! The…the rattlesnakes!

(Buddy jumps down into moat. The snakes 'attack'. Sarah covers her eyes, not being able to look. Moments later, Sarah uncovers her eyes to see Buddy still standing, apparently unharmed in front of her.)

Buddy: (Holding a rattlesnake)C'mon. We gotta get out of here.
Sarah: Oh! You're going to die from the snake bites!
Buddy: (Ripping a 'snake' into two.) Look at this. (Shakes one half of the snake to reveal the stuffing inside. It's a fake!) Rattlesnakes can only be found in the Americas. These are V.E.N.O.M. toys. Let's go! (Carries Sarah off)

(Meanwhile, Jackhammer and Piranha battle the three M.A.S.K. vehicles. Jackhammer opens fire while Piranha tries to shoot the Gator. The Gator tries to shoot the Piranha with its ice cannons, but fails. Piranha leaps Over the Gator. Gator roars in pursuit. Jackhammer chases Firecracker, but is rammed from behind by Rhino. Gator shoots at Piranha, bit the bike makes several leaps to avoid the shots.) (Meanwhile, the Thunderhawk is still circling around the hovercraft)

Brad: The machine, Matt. We can [Unclear]take it!
Matt: We can't crash it. Too many people below them.
Mayhem: (Firing a missile from Switchblade) Top this, M.A.S.K.!

(The missile hits the hovercraft, causing its controls to malfunction. The propellers shut off and the hovercraft falls. We see it about to crash on the natives [Buddy and Sarah amongst them, I assume] below. The Thunderhawk swoops down toward the Rhino.)

Matt: Twelve o'clock, Rhino! Use Lifter!
Bruce: (Stopping the Rhino and getting out) Lifter, on! (Activates Lifter)

(The hovercraft slows down for a moment, then continues falling. Bruce increases power, but the hovercraft is still falling. Bruce increases power again, and at last, it slows, stops falling, and hovers in the air. Bruce directs it away from the people, and toward the ocean.)

(Bruce deactivates Lifter. The hovercraft crashes into the sea, in typical slow motion style. Then it sinks completely. From an underwater shot, we see the machinery short circuiting. From an aerial view, we see and underwater explosion which rains water everywhere. Switchblade makes good its escape.)

Mayhem: You haven't seen the last of me, M.A.S.K.!

(Mayhem switches Switchblade to plane mode and flies off. Below, Jackhammer and Piranha zoom away.)

(The Thunderhawk lands where the natives and the agents are gathered in a group. Matt and Brad get out.)

Matt: Sorry it took so long, Sarah. We had a little bit of trouble along the way… Better late then never.

(Everyone laughs. Fade to black.)


Safety Tip:

(Scene: Trakker mansion kitchen. Scott and T-Bob are messing around in the kitchen.)
Scott?: We'll fix breakfast and surprise Dad! (Frying an egg)
T-Bob: (Toasting bread) This thing takes forever!

(T-Bob grabs a fork and prods the inside of the toaster with it.)

T-Bob: Ouhhh! (Gets a shock. Literally.)

(Scott unplugs the toaster and tends to T-Bob. Matt comes it at that moment.)

Matt: (Alarmed)What's going on?
Scott: T-Bob stuck a fork inside the toaster.
Matt: (Sternly) T-Bob, you're made of electrical circuits! You should know better than that!
Scott: Yeah. If you were a person like me, you could have been electrocuted or hurt seriously.
T-Bob: You're right. That was a dumb thing to do.

(The toast pops up just as he speaks)
[Gee, I thought Scott already unplugged the toaster. Don't tell me it works without electricity!]


Transcripted by Hytac. Product of 5 hours and 40 minutes worth of watching the same episode, pausing and rewinding.(Not to mention occasionally trying to decipher who said what.) Any mistakes in the script, or any comment at all, please mail me . Special thanks to Megaman, who provided the M.A.S.K. episodes to transcript.

Hytac's Review

The Bad:
Firstly, the plot was stupid. There were a dozen other ways, all easier, for Mayhem to mine those emeralds. He could have just hired workers, instead of spending money on the giant hovercraft, or even get the V.E.N.O.M. to just terrorize the villagers into working for them. Or they could have just used the resources wasted on building the hovercraft to build mining robots. That would have been so much more efficient.

Secondly, the realism reached an all time low. Being sucked up the vortex of the hovercraft would have killed a lot of the villagers, but they were all unharmed. Also, it's amazing that natives all spoke broken English. Geez… And lets not forget the fact that the fused cable held while the original cable snapped. Kinda silly, don'tcha think? Oh yes, there's also that bit about the M.A.S.K. agents being thrown around in the tornado… do they expect us to believe that being tossed around in a tornado does nothing more that destroy a motorbike? And while we're at it, if the Condor was damaged, then how come Brad wasn't?

Let's not forget the consistency bits. While Gator and Firecracker were sinking oh-so-rapidly in the quicksand, they kept showing different states of it. First they sank almost to the roof, next, the cab was still free of the quicksand, then they sank beneath the quicksand, then the roof reappeared again. What, did the vehicles bounce off the bottom or something?

The character Sarah also annoyed me to death. She was too fake, I'm afraid. As for Buddy and the so called rattlesnakes, he really took a risk jumping into the snake moat. The V.E.N.O.M. could have just imported the snakes or something. He made a dangerous assumption that could have ended up with more than V.E.N.O.M. toys.

The Good:
So the plot was stupid. But it more than made up for the for it by the excellent narration and characterization. The action was pretty good, too.

For once we got to see Buddy in action. Seeing him dressed as a native was great, even though I'll shamefully admit I didn't recognize him at first. Jackrabbit was also utilized for once. The art was good, and there were a lot of tiny little details that made the whole episode very enjoyable. It was also very nice to see everyone… well, almost everyone taking their parts instead of letting Matt do everything and save the day.

Having Buddy unintentionally kidnapped by the V.E.N.O.M. was also good. It gave the episode a sense of urgency I liked.

The action was plenty and quite riveting, especially the quicksand part, silly though it was. And best of all, we saw a minimum of Scott and T-Bob. It's not Scott that I mind, it's that robot. ;)

All it all, this episode will take place as one of my favourites!

This was the first time I was able to see Jackrabbit in use. It was also the first time I saw Buddy being a 'Master of Disguise'. I take my hat off to him. He's good at what he does. Now… how about an episode where Jacques actually uses Miraj and Gloria kicks some V.E.N.O.M. err…you know.

Total stars per category: 10

Plot: 3
Narration: 10
Realism and consistency*: 5

Total stars: 37 *Five for realism, five for consistency.

Seven and a half emerald roughs. And a bonus one for getting to se Buddy in action. So this one scores a total of eight and a half, making it a must-see.

Quote(s) of the Ep:

Matt: Leave it to V.E.N.O.M. to turn a paradise into a prison camp.

Matt: V.E.N.O.M. and greed. They were made for each other.

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