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Venice Menace
M.A.S.K episode No. 60
Venice, Italy.
M.A.S.K. Agents: Matt Trakker (Thunderhawk), Jacques LaFleur (Volcano), Gloria Baker (Shark), Calhoun Burns (Raven)

V.E.N.O.M. Agents:Miles Mayhem(Switchblade), Vanessa Warfield(Manta), Sly Rax(Piranha), Bruno Sheppard(Stinger/Scorpion)

(Scene opens at the main canal [I think] in Venice. Matt and Jacques are riding in a speedboat)

Jacques: (To Matt) Venice is very different from anything I ever saw in Canada mon ami.
[Nice accent. I like the way this guy talks.]
Matt : The City of Canals is different from every other city in the world.

(From a side view, we see Scott riding on T-Bob, racing against Mattís boat.)
Scott : Come on! You guys are slow! (T-Bob overtakes the boat)
T-Bob : Full speed ahead!
(Suddenly, T-Bob stops moving and Scott is thrown off.)
Scott : Whoaaa! (Gigantic splash. Scott surfaces and spits out water from his mouth.)
Hey T-Bob! Whatís the matter with you? Why did you stop?
T-Bob : I didnít stop! IímÖ Iím stuck!
(We see the submerged part of T-Bob is covered in some sort of jelly)
(Mattís boat comes around and Jacques reaches out to give Scott a hand.)
Scott : Ugh. Thanks Jacques. [Itís pronounced Joc, BTW]
Jacques: (After pulling Scott into the boat.) T-bob must have hit a sandbar.
Matt : No sand bar around here. This water is deep.
[Besides, whoever heard of sandbars in a canal?]
Scott : Aww. Heís just playing one of his stupid jokes. Come on, T-Bob!

(Jacques leans out to pull T-Bob out and notices the jelly.)
Jacques: WhaÖ is zat thing? (Matt runs over [yes, runs on a boat] and they both pull T-bob up.)
Both : Huh?
T-bob : Itís a jellyfish!! Iím being eaten by a giant jellyfish!!
Matt : Itís not a jellyfish, T-bob, but it is very interesting.
(Matt cuts the jelly thing off T-Bob.)
T-Bob : ItÖitíd be more interesting if itÖ itíd let me go.
Matt : (With a piece of the jelly thing in his hand) Itís like jelly or gelatin, but extremely dense and strong. Letís take it back and analyze it.
T-Bob : (En route) couldnít we just throw it overboard and forget about it? Itís just a lump. [Or itís just its lungs. Pick one]

(Back at shore. Matt and Jacques carry the jelly lump and prepare to stow it in the back of Volcano.)

Scott : We have to check out anything suspicious T-Bob. Dadís source says that V.E.N.O.M. might be operating here in Venice.
T-Bob : If V.E.N.O.M is operating, some people are in trouble.
[or something like that. For a robot, T-Bob likes to mumble. Either that or Iím going deaf.]

(Matt and Jacques finish stowing it and shut the doors. They drive off to where they left the Thunderhawk. Going to the back, they open up the doors, but find the Volcano empty of the jelly. A few puddles of water are on the floor.)

T-Bob : Itís gone!
Matt : HmmmÖ (Turns around and looks at something in the distance.)

(A crane like machine is lifting something from the water. The thing, which looks like the bottom part of an anchor, is covered with the same glutinous substance. A crowd on shore gasps in surprise. We see Scottís head peeping way over the heads of the other people, getting a good look at whatís going on.)

Scott : Wow! Thatís the same stuff we found.
(Scott is sitting on his fatherís shoulders)
But itís huge.
[so was the first. ;)]
Matt : Quick T-Bob! I need a jar, or something I can collect a sample in.
T-Bob : Gah. I can hardly contain my excitement. (Hands them a jar.)

(Jacques grabs the jar and runs off in the direction of the jelly, filling the jar with it. Matt covers the jar with its lid.)

Matt : Weíll make sure this fish doesnít get away.
Jacques: (Looks at the jelly thing) Look out! It is coming loose.

(The jelly drops off the thing, which turns out to be on old gondola. The crowd screams as they are splashed with water.)

T-Bob : Yeow! Now thereís more than a drop in the boat.
[If anybody can tell what that stupid robot really said, e-mail me and Iíll change my script.]

(The jelly disappears into the water. The crane-man tries to get it back, but to no avail.)

Crane-Man: Where did it go uh?
Gondola rowers: It isía gonía. Thereísa nothing in here! (Prods water with pole)
Matt : Well, at least we saved a sample. ( at the jar.) Hey! Itís gone!
T-Bob : It couldnít have gone out, the lid wasnít even ajar. [is this a pun?]

(Scene changes to an old abandoned building. Miles Mayhem, Vanessa, Bruno and Sly Rax are in there. Mayhem slams his first angrily onto a metal drum which seems to have a leak in the side.)

Miles : You idiots! The drum is leaking. Youíve gone and left a trail leading right to us.
Bruno : We didnít know.
Vanessa: These boys wouldnít know if their heads were leaking.
Sly : How were we supposed to notice? We had the drum covered so nobody would see it in our boat.
Vanessa: You didnít notice this stuff leaking?
(Bends down and touches the leaking area with her index finger.)
Did you suddenly go Venetian blind?
(Holds up her finger so we can see the pinkish chemical on her gloved finger.)
Sly : Now it didnít leak much, just a drop here and there.
Miles : You knew this was a super concentrated formula.
[Of what, I wonder? Jell-O?]
Vanessa: Yeah. One drop can affect ten cubic feet of water.
(To emphasize her point, she walks over to a bowl of water and dips her finger inside. The water turns bluish. Vanessa picks up the bowl and turns it upside down. The water, which has turned into jelly, stays in the bowl.)
Miles : Youíre lucky that the jellying effect is only temporary. (Walks to window.) Fortunately no one followed your trail. Weíll proceed as planned.

(Back to the Thunderhawk. The computer is analysing the sample of the ex-jelly, now water.)

Computer: Analysis of sample: Ordinary H2O with some pollutants.
T-Bob : Huh? Whatís in the jar is just water in the jar.
Computer: Chemical pollutants are chemically unstable.[Iím not too sure about this. It could be something else.] Impossible to isolate cause of jellying effect.
Matt : Well, Jacques and I are going to scan the computer library to see if this stuff has ever been found before. But you two can do some sight-seeing if you like.
Scott : All Right! Weíll rent a boat.
T-Bob : That catches the wind in my sails.

(At some other part of the canal. Scott and T-Bob are on a gondola.)
T-Bob : Ok, Iíll drive. UhhÖ How do you start the motors?
Scott : Thereís no motor, T-Bob. This is a gondola. (picks up a rowing pole) The gondolier pushes it with a long stick.
T-bob : Oh, I get it. I know all about this stuff.
[Yeah right.]
(Takes the pole and starts rowing.)
Oh! My stickís stuck.
(Holds on to the pole and tries to pull it out. The momentum of the boat pushes it forward, leaving him[or should I say it?] stranded with only the pole to hold on to.)
Scott!! Come back!
Scott : I canít. (Shrugs) Youíre driving.
T-Bob : Come on! Donít be a stick in the mud.
(The pole gives way and T-Bob takes an unplanned swim. Scottís boat drifts further on, towards a bridge. T-Bob climbs out of the water,[does he rust I wonder?] and runs for the bridge.)
Donít worry Scott, I got a new stick. Mind if I drop in?
Scott : T-Bob! Donít jump!
(T-Bob jumps. Giant splash ensues. Scott is thrown up in to the air. By some miracle, the boat doesnít capsize.)
Scott : Whoaa!!! (falls down into the boat again. It reacts like a floating see-saw, this time sending T-Bob up into the air. T-bob, still holding the pole, hits two other poles on the bridge. The pole he holds acts as a fulcrum, turning him around and sending him flying into the water next to the boat.)
T-Bob : This gondola stuff is trickier that I thought.

(Scene changes. We see the V.E.N.O.M by the side of the canal.)
[Here, Bruno is inexplicably replaced by Dagger. According to the episode guides, this is an animation error. I donít blame them. I never could tell between those two thugs.]
Miles : Hereís the map. Now remember that Venice did not exist when that map was drawn. (Hands map to Sly.)
Sly : I know. I know.
Miles : Youíll have to triangulate from geologic features. That is, Youíll have to use your head for something other than bowing.
Sly : Relax Mayhem. I know what to do.
(Sly gets into Piranha which is in mini-sub mode. Disappears beneath water.)
Sly : Water so murky I can barely tell where I am. Iíd better surface and have a look.

(Scene changes to Scott and T-Bob. Scott is tying T-Bob up, probably fed up with his silly antics.)
T-Bob : This is embarrassing. I donít have to be tied to the boat.
Scott: Youíve spent more time overboard than onboard. As a gondolier, you make a good anchor.
T-Bob : But Iíve got it all straightened out. Donít lose the stick, donít jump into the boat, and watch out for bridges. Thereís no way Iím gonna fall out now.
(Suddenly, the boat is tipped from on end. To be precise, T-Bobís end. T-Bob falls out.)
T-Bob : Yeow! Piranha! And I donít mean fish.
Sly : (Looks up)I bumped somebodyís boat! Just clear out.
(Piranha submerges again. Scott pulls T-Bob in by the line. A loop is left hanging out. Piranha gets tangled with it.)
T-Bob : Weíre getting strung out!
(Unsuspecting Piranha tows the gondola behind it.)
Sly : (Looks back) Huh? Those clowns are following me. Gotta loose them.
Scott : I canít get us untangled.
T-Bob : And I canít reach my radio. (Piranha weaves through the water, trying to shake the gondola off.)
Sly : Theyíre still chasing me. How can they go so fast?
[Kekeke. Thatís a good one.]
(Sees a ferry in the distance.)
Thatíll stop them. I can go under that boat but they canít.
Ferry driver: (sees Piranha) What!?
(Passengers on the ferry cry out in fear. The ferry horn blares. They are on collision course.)

(On shore, Matt and Jacques see whatís happening.)
Jacques : Matt! Look! (points)
(Piranha dives just before it crashes into the boat. The gondola however, is no so lucky. The ferry horn blares again.)
Scott : I canít get it undone. Weíre gonna crash!

(Matt starts the Thunderhawk, converts it into plane form, and takes off into the air. Just as the gondola is about to crash into the ferry, Matt fires a shot from the Thunderhawk that severs the rope. The jerk that ensues tips the ferry a bit to the side, its side creating a ramp. The gondola hits the Ďrampí and goes over the ferry, landing in the water on the other side.)
[Poor ferry riders. They must have gotten really wet here.]
Scott: Itís dad! He cut the rope!
T-Bob: He cut it pretty close if you ask me.

(Later. The gondola is safely moored and the four are on shore.)

Jacques: Dat was Piranha you fellas were playing whaleboat with.
[I love the way he pronounces Piranha.]
Matt: Yes, V.E.N.O.M. is up to something. I bet that jellied water we found had something to do with it.
(Walks to Thunderhawk and gets inside.)
Matt: Satellite link- M.A.S.K. computer, Select M.A.S.K. agents for mission in Venice, Italy.

(Scene changes to Boulder Hill.)
M.A.S.K. Computer: Recommended personnel: Calhoun Burns, specialist in urban environment and structures. Vehicle codename-Raven. His insidious capability essential for location of mission.
[Itís hard transcripting what the computer said, so I might be a little off here.]
(Calhoun is grooming a horse. Beeps goes his watch and he hops over the fence and runs forÖ umÖ the airport?)
M.A.S.K. Computer: Gloria Baker, Champion race driver, Black belt in kung-fu. Vehicle codename-Shark. Submarine capability gives probable advantage.
(Gloria is having her hair done. At the beep of her watch, she sits straight up. The white stuff [hair cream?] on her hair goes flying into the hairdresserís mouth. She shows a clean pair of heels, figuratively, of course.)
[Good thing she wasnít having her hair cut. I can just see it. Snip! Arrgh! Bad hair day for the next month or so;)]
Matt: Personnel approved. Assemble Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand.
[He says it as soon as the computer finishes Gloriaís profile. How does he know when the computerís done, I wonder? UmmÖ Ignore me please.]

(Scene changes to underwater view of the canal. The Piranha is scouting along the canal bed.)
Sly: Mayhem, this map must be bogus. Nothing down here but hundreds of years worth of sunken junk.
Miles: (Through radio)That map was found sealed in an urn that was two thousand years old. Itís genuine. I stole it myself! Keep looking!
(Some lightís on the Piranhaís control panels start blinking.)
Sly: Hey! I got a reading! Big and itís metal.
(Scene changes to that of the V.E.N.O.M. base.)
And itís right where the map said it would be. Somethingís under the mud here.
Miles: Take a hologram to read its shape through the mud.
Sly: Coming up.
(The hologram locator projects an image of a perfect-looking barge. Down to the giant paddles.)
Miles: (excitedly) Thatís it! Thatís it!
Vanessa: Cleopatraís barge! It really exists. But how did it wind up in northern Italy?
Miles: It was stolen after Cleopatraís death. But the thieves were lousy sailors and lost it here.
Vanessa: Sounds like something Bruno would do.
Bruno: Hey! Looks like any sunken boat.
Miles: Ahh! But this boat was made of solid gold.

(Scene changes to dock. The M.A.S.K. team are gathered there, along with their vehicles.)
[My word! Calhoun and Gloria must have taken the Concorde to get here so fast.]
Matt: Disperse and keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks venom-ous.
[*Groan* I canít believe he tried that old pun.]
Calhoun: Dastardly devils. Theyíll have us to deal with if they attempt to harm this grand old city. To our vehiclesÖ(gestures at Gloria)Ö After you, of course.
[Always the ladiesí man, ainít he?]
(Gloria doesnít say anything, but runs off to the Shark. She gets in and drives the car off the pier. Splash in she goes, and converts the Shark into sub-mode.)
Calhoun: (In Raven) Mask.
(The mask holder places Gulliver onto his head. He drives off the pier, and while in mid air, turns Raven into boat-mode. Off he goes.)
Jacques: Iím not going to be much help searching Venice in a land vehicle.
[He pronounces it Va-Nas BTW]
Matt: Donít worry Jacques. Just keep your eyes peeled.
(Gets into Thunderhawk and takes off.)

(Meanwhile, underwater, our dear Sly is firing something that resembles a giant purple and orange dart at the barge site. He has already shot quite a few, and they are sticking in the mud heads-down.)
Sly: Okay Mayhem. Itís all set. I made a circle of explosive harpoons around the barge.
Miles: All right! Get Piranha out of the water. Bruno, youíd better be in position.
(Bruno runs out, gets into Scorpion [?] and drives it to the edge of the water. He puts on his mask.)
[Iím not too familiar with the names of the V.E.N.O.M. vehicles, but with all the information I can gather from other websites, The name of Brunoís vehicle is Stinger, not Scorpion.]
Bruno: Iím ready. Iím as close as I can get to the barge by land.
(Vanessa is loading the S.C.J-O. into the back of Manta.) [S.C.J-O = Super Concentrated Jelly-O ;)]
Miles: (In Switchblade which is flying) Now remember. Once we jell the water, we have less than an hour to pull this job off. Mask! (Command to mask holder, not that he saw the M.A.S.K.)

(The Thunderhawk is flying above a canal.)
Matt: My birdís eye view is laying an egg. Anyone else spot anything?
Calhoun: I donít see a single unusual thing on east canal, Matt.
Gloria: Nothing under beneath her. [Note: Does she mean the canal, or the Raven?]

(The Switchblade, with a drum of S.C.J-O attached to its landing gears, is spraying the S.C.J-O along the length of the canal. The water turns into jelly.)
Calhoun: Matt! Gloria! Itís Mayhem in Switchblade. [Poor Jacques got left outÖ] Iím goiní after him.
( The Raven stops moving with a jerk. The jelly-water isnít very good for boats it seems.)
Calhoun: Or not. (Gets out of the Raven.) Very well. I shall pursue the scallywag on foot.
[He has to be kidding]
(His first step on the jelly sends him falling backwards.)
Calhoun : This stuff more slippery than a banana peel on ice. ( Gets up and tries to move, but falls forward instead.)

(Scene changes to underwater. The whole area looks a deep blue. The Shark is trapped in the jelly.)
Gloria: Iím stuck! (Pushes door of Shark. It doesnít budge.) I feel like Iím in somebodyís Jell-O dessert!
(From air, we see every boat shares the fate of Raven. Thunderhawk flies above.)
Matt: V.E.N.O.M. is jellying up the water again. Mask! (command to mask holder)

(On shore. Scott and T-Bob are walking along the sides of the canal. T-Bob notices the water has become jellied.)
T-Bob: Hey! Look! This whole canal is gel. Whoa!
[thereís something golden shining in the water-jelly. What is it, I wonder?]
(T-Bob jumps into, or rather, onto the jellied surface. Scott laughs his [irritating] laugh.)
T-Bob: You may laugh. But I think I can extend myself to meet this situation.
Scott: Great! You can give me a ride. Dad didnít say we werenít allowed to Walk on the canal.
(Scott sits on the back of the robot while T-Bob moves on all fours.)
T-bob: Somehow, I feel your dad wonít be thrilled with that kind of logic.

(In Switchblade, Mayhem gloats.)
Miles: Every water vehicle in this city is now useless. Scorpion, move in.
(The vehicle turns into a tank and with the claw extended, moves onto the jelly.)
Bruno: It works! Scorpion can drive right over this stuff. Iím the only one who can move around. Iím in position. Rax, fire your explosive harpoons.
Sly: Roger! Heads up out there!
(Sly detonates the harpoons. The chain reaction blasts a hole in the jelly.)
Miles: Just as I thought. The jellied water canít flow back into the hole. It wonít be long now.
(Scorpion extends the claw into the hole, intending to take the barge. Thunderhawk flies in and interferes.)
Matt: Like that little hot dog to bet on the pudding. [Donít ask me what that means]
(Fires guns)
Miles: M.A.S.K.! (Itís not the mask holder this time.)
(Switchblade gets out of the way. Manta appears and attacks the aft of Thunderhawk.)
Matt: This game of tag is turning into leap-frog.
(Vanessa shoots, but she canít hit the hero as usual.)
Matt: Got a feeling Iím going to be busy for a while. All agents to the mouth of the Grand Canal. V.E.N.O.M.ís digging something up there.

(We go back to Calhoun, still hopelessly slithering on the jelly next to the Raven.)
WhaÖIíllÖ (slip)Ö be thereÖ(slip)Öany year nowÖ(slip
[Poor guy]

(Now for Jacques. He is prodding the jellied water with a gondola pole.)
Jacques: I canít stand sitting around. This stuff is so thickÖmaybeÖ
(He runs to Volcano and gets in.)
Jacques: Here goesÖ mask (command to mask holder. The [particularly grotesque] mask Miraj slips over his head. The Volcano is driven onto the jelly. Although it slithers somewhat, it makes more progress on the surface than any other vehicle.)
Jacques: Iíll get in on this action yet. (Volcano moves off with a slushy noise.)

(Meanwhile, underwater, Gloria is fed up with her situation.)
Gloria: (Putting on her mask) The heck with this! Iím not waiting around here! Aura, On! (Opens window. Aura seems to be able to vaporise the jelly pretty well.)

(The Volcano draws up beside Raven. Calhoun is still stuck there.)
Jacques: Looks like youíre on the cheese friend. Can I give you a lift?
[No I donít donít what that means]

(Back to Gloria. Aura has managed to evaporate most of the water surrounding it. Gloria is making her way out by Ďburningí a path in the water-jelly.)
Gloria: I hope Moses isnít offended.

(Meanwhile, Scorpion is dragging the golden barge out.)
Miles: Vanessaís taking care of that masked marauder. Hurry!
Bruno: This thing must weigh fifty tons! But it glides easy on this jellied water.

(Meanwhile, Gloria has spotted Volcano and is waving to it. The vehicle stops to pick her up. With a hand from Calhoun, she joins the merry bunch.)
[HmmÖ Calhoun couldnít even stay upright on the jelly, but Gloria stood perfectly on it, with no problem at all.]

(Back at the barge site)
Miles: Rax! As soon as the bargeís reaches the shore, slice it up with your lazers. Weíll take a piece in each vehicle.

(Vanessa is still chasing Matt. He tries to shakes her off by going under a bridge. Manta follows by going above.)
Vanessa: Mayhem, I canít stop this maniac. Heís circling back in your direction.
Miles: Let him come. Iíll clip his wings. (Fires a torpedo missile which scores a bulls-eye for once.) That should occupy him long enough for us to finish.
Scott: (Seeing the Thunderhawk go down.) Dadís in trouble. Come on!
(T-Bob moves toward the fray)
(The Thunderhawk is falling with black smoke streaming from the front end of the car. From Mattís point of view, we can see the Scorpion towing the barge below them.)
Matt: Thunderhawkís going to become a landing loon [Donít ask me. I assume he meant loon as the bird.], so maybe Iíd better make a big splash.
(Matt aims the Thunderhawkís crash so that it cuts across Scorpionís path, cutting a trench through the surface.)
Miles: Oh no! Go around! Hurry!
(Bruno is forced to make a detour as the trench prevents the Scorpion from heading straight for shore.)
(Matt gets out of poor Thunderhawk and stands atop the roof. Volcano comes on to the scene and switches to AA turret mode. Jacques is manning the gun and opens fire on Miles, giving him heck of a hard time. Manta attacks Volcano regardless of returning fire while Miles escapes. [Which proves she is the only competent member of the entire V.E.N.O.M.] Jacques and Vanessa exchange fire, with no result other than wasting heaven-knows-how-many kilojoules of energy. Sly joins the battle, attacking from the rear. One of his shots hits a tyre, and the Volcano, dipping down on one side, goes into a skidding spin across the jelly.)
Calhoun: Hang on everyone! [It sounds like Jacques voice, but the picture shown is Calhounís. As they are wearing their masks, I canít exactly see whose lips are moving.]
(Calhoun, who is driving, stops the skid a few metres away from where Sly is. He uses the tyreís traction to throw jelly all over Sly.)
Matt: Good work you guys! Calhoun! Use Gulliver to make that Barge a little easier to carry. (The barge is right behind Matt.)
Calhoun: Roger.
(Volcano moves forward a little. Throwing the door open, Calhoun sticks the upper part of his body out.)
Calhoun: Gulliver, Full power, On!
(The huge barge is shrunk to the size of a toy.)
Bruno: Huh?
(Enter Scott and T-Bob. They head for the barge)
Scott: Come on T-Bob. You can move faster than anybody on this stuff.
T-Bob: Hrrgh. That doesnít mean I want to.
(Scott picks up the barge and waves it in the air)
Scott: I got it! I got it!
Matt: Where did they come from? Cover them!
(Bruno attacks Scott)
Matt: Spectrum laser, fire!
(Scorpion receives a shot which dispels any of Brunoís ideas about stopping Scott. Switchblade flies in, and even though Jacques shoots at it, no hits.)
Miles: Run! Theyíve got the barge and itís a stand off. [Famous words] Letís get out of here.
(Switchblade stops to pick up Bruno, the Scorpion being dead, and flies off. Manta follows.[Donít know what happened to Sly Rax and Piranha, though.])

(Back at the shore, much, much later. All the M.A.S.K. vehicles are beautifully lined up in a row, looking undamaged as far as I can see. The barge is about to be changed back to size.)
Calhoun: Gulliver, Full power, On!
(The barge changes back to its original size.)
Matt: Amazing! Cleopatraís Barge. Weíll take it to one of Veniceís museums.
T-bob. Yeah. And as far as Iím concerned, the sooner the better.
All: (Groan) OhhhÖ


Safety Tip:

(T-Bob is lifting a weight. Scott comes on scene.)
Scott: T-Bob, what are you doing?
T-Bob: Exercising. I decided I need to get into better shape.
Scott: Youíll just wear out your parts.
(T-Bob adds another weight)
T-Bob: No I wonítÖ Whatís this? (T-Bobís arms have lengthened.)
Scott: See? You exercised too hard, for too long. You can actually sprain or injure yourself. You have to work up to each level gradually.
T-Bob: Always have to muscle in, donít you?


Transcripted by Hytac. Product of 5-plus hoursí worth of watching the same episode, pausing and rewinding.(Not to mention occasionally trying to decipher who said what.) Any mistakes in the script, or any comment at all, please mail me . Special thanks to Megaman, who provided the M.A.S.K. episodes to transcript.

Hytacís Review

The Bad:
There were several inconsistencies in the script, the biggest ones being the Dagger-Bruno slip up and the inconsistency about standing on the jelly. I also hated the scene where T-Bob made a fool of himself while on the gondola. I thought it unnecessary. Matt annoyed me a little, being too uppity and wisecracking a little too much. Also, there were a lot of ridiculous notions. The voices were not very well done. At times, I couldnít tell Calhoun from Jacques, and at others, I thought Matt must have had something stuck in his throat. A piece of jelly, maybe.

The Good:
The combined personalities of Jacques and Calhoun were enlivening. The fact that Matt actually Got Hit was astonishing enough, even though he wasnít the least bit worried about it. Raven and Shark disabled in the jelly was good, and Calhounís difficulty on walking even more so. Gloriaís remark about Moses was a gem, and Slyís Ďhow do they move so fastí was also hilarious. Pity Jacques didnít get to use Miraj.

A bit of confusion over Scorpion and Stinger. It strikes me as peculiar as this is one of the later episodes. Also interesting that almost every vehicle had their bits of difficulty. Some more than others. Quite a difference.

Total numbers of stars per category: 10

Plot: 3
Narration: 6
Realism and Consistency: 5
Characterization: 8
Action: 8

Total number: 30

Six golden barges out of ten. Iím tempted to put more, but I must be fair, there were better episodes than this one, after all.

Quote of the Ep:
Gloria: I hope Moses isnít offended.

Got your comments on this episode? Just type out what you want to say in an e-mail and send it here!